Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lawyer in Lourdes Mary's case to be questioned about statements made in court..

With reference to my earlier posting, I just found out that rather than investigating the police officers responsible for what happened to diabetic Lourdes Mary, the police are investigating the lawyer who represented her in court ...for allegedly having said in court that the police were negligent...

It looks like harassment of the lawyer --- not an investigation into the omissions or acts that resulted in Lourdes Mary fainting in court ...

I just received a statement from Mr N. Surendran,

( Statement by N.Surendran)
On 24th October 2008, I and a team of other lawyers represented 10 persons who were arrested at the Prime Minister's office for trying to send a letter to the PM calling for the release of ISA detainees. They were being investigated under the Societes Act for allegedly being involved with " Hindraf". During the remand hearing, based on clients instructions I stated to the Magistrate that the police had been negligent in their treatment of one of the arrested persons named Lourdes Mary who is a diabetic requiring insulin injections. Lourdes Mary collapsed in court during the proceedings and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance.
As I left the court after the hearing, I was approached by two police officers and told that a report had been lodged against me for having said in court that the police were negligent. They issued a notice under s.111 of the CPC in order for me to present myself for questioning at the Putrajaya District Police Headquarters. The Investigating Officer Chief Inspector Saunders has also since confirmed to me that I am to be questioned by police for the statement made during court proceedings. The questioning will be on Thursday 6.11.08 2.30 pm at IPD Putrajaya.
This development is very disturbing as it encroaches upon the sacrosanct duty of an advocate to speak without fear and favour on behalf of citizens. The liberties of the people are put at serious risk when lawyers are harassed or questioned merely for speaking on their behalf in a court of law. Indeed, it is fundamental in Commonwealth countries that lawyers are to be free to advocate their clients cases without interference or prosecution by the authorities, espescially so in criminal matters. It is of utmost importance that the authorities recognise and accept the crucial role played by lawyers in the criminal justice system and it is hoped that they will refrain from such actions in the future.
Issued by,
3rd November 2008

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DK said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Next time they should investigate if there is negligence on the lawyers part if his/her client has not been given a chance to go pee before a hearing!!!

HAHAha.....what bullsh*t!