Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bar rejects police explanation on questioning of lawyer

Bar rejects police explanation on questioning of lawyer
Monday, 17 November 2008 08:41am
N. Surendran
N. Surendran

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Council has rejected a police explanation on why lawyer N. Surendran was questioned in connection with some of his cases.

The council's vice-president, Ragunath Kesavan, urged the inspector-general of police to stop his officers from calling in lawyers representing clients to have their statements recorded, purportedly to assist in investigations.

He said such action was unwarranted.

"In the specific case of Surendran, we refute the IGP's version of events when he stated that Surendran was called for questioning in order for the police to record his statement and complete investigations into the remand of some arrested persons, including his clients.

"Surendran was notified by police officers that a report had been lodged against him for statements he allegedly made during proceedings in court.

"Subsequently, a section 111 notice was served on him for those alleged statements," Ragunath said yesterday.

He added that Surendran had previously been called by the police under similar circumstances, followed by lawyers Americk Sidhu and M. Puravalen.

"Cases of lawyers being harassed and/or intimidated by the police are on the increase," he said.

Ragunath said the Bar Council had noted that the trend was more prevalent in cases of purported breaches of public order that involved citizens exercising their legitimate right to dissent.

"This immediately conjures up the perception that the police force is selective in carrying out investigations, targeting legitimate dissenters exercising their rights of assembly or expression, which are protected under our Federal Constitution.

"We call on the police to respect the rule of law, which includes the right to legal access and the substantially unfettered right, recognised in law, to legal representation without the undue harassment and intimidation of lawyers carrying out their duties as officers of the court," he said.

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Starmandala said...

Falsifying & tampering with evidence... conniving with crime syndicates... these are extremely serious crimes! Musa Hassan MUST GO... along with other police officers of his ilk. Another "gift" to Malaysia from Dr Mahatahi!