Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who does the Police listen to? Time for State Police?

Now, would the police have arrested a Cabinet Minister on the way to attend a Cabinet meeting?

Would the police have arrested a BN State Exco member on the way to attend a State Cabinet meeting?

But when it came to Pakatan Rakyat - the police arrested a State Exco member on the way to attend a State Cabinet meeting? It certainly would have interfered with the executive functions and certainly a cabinet meeting...

And was is some serious offence that required him to be arrested then and there...surely a letter to be present in court to be charged, or to be present in the police station at a particular time and date would have been enough.

As I mentioned the loyalty of the police to the the Selangor and other Pakatan Rakyat State Government comes into question? Or maybe the word should be 'respect' ...or 'courtesy'...NOT loyalty.

The police conduct in Pakatan Rakyat governed states raises serious questions. Is it time for us to have 'State Police' just like the Federation, the USA?

For the moment, I suggest that the State Government should have a say with regard to who will be the Chief Police Officer of the State, and also the OCPD of the various police Districts in the State.

If the police still follows the instructions of the PM and the Federal Government - and not the Menteri Besar and the State Government, something is not right. (When both the Federal and State Governments were BN - it would have not been an issue - but now that we are moving into an era when there are soem BN governed States, and some Pakatan Rakyat governed States - it becomes important to consider who the police listens to...or whose policy and decision matters...).

Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu was arrested at the state secretariat building in Shah Alam this afternoon.

The DAP state assemblyperson for Pandamaran was detained by several plainclothes and uniformed policemen at the entrance of the building at around 2pm.

ronnie liuLiu, who was on his way to attend the weekly state cabinet meeting, was later taken to the Puchong police station.- Malaysiakini, 12/11/2008 - S'gor exco man arrested, out on bail


Unknown said...

brilliant idea!!! let's propose to the PR!!! i think it's the answer to the alarming criminal rate!!!

Bentoh said...

Agree with you on this...

Police is the enforcement wing of a governance. Will state police enforce a state enactment? It seems BN ministers and excos are enjoying some sort of immunity though~

Anonymous said...

The police including the IGP drawn the salary from Tax payer money while they are working for UMNO... Malaysia Boleh !