Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat will take over from BN - but do we still want it?

Change of Federal Government after 50+ years from the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional (previously the UMNO-led Perikatan/Alliance) to the NEW Pakatan Rakyat government is something that we are all waiting for...

The perception that Anwar Ibrahim had gone around proclaiming that this would happen on 16 September 2008 - and the fact that it did not happen on that date has greatly affected the credibility of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat.

But Syed Husin Ali has now assured us that it will indeed happen...
If (the power transfer) is not tomorrow, it will be the day after tomorrow; if it is not in the near future, it will be in the 13th general election (due 2013),” PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali declared today.

Opening the annual congress of the party's Youth and Women’s wings this morning, the party’s No 2 conceded a lot of people were “disappointed” when the much-talked about Sept 16 plan did not take place.

However, he blamed the powers-that-be for allegedly using underhanded tactics and asserting pressure on BN lawmakers who were purportedly planning to defect to the opposition, such as monitoring their movements through the police Special Branch.- Malaysiakini, 28/11/2008, PKR: There will be change of gov't
So, it did not happen on 16 September, and it is good that Syed Husin says that it will happen...but the when still remains a mystery. We may have to wait for the next General Elections...or maybe even the elections after that.

Many of us will just be happy with a change in the Federal Government - not really bothered whether there will be any real change in policies, the way things are done, etc..

First thing, they say is that we must have a change of the Federal Government...

BUT then we must not ignore that the Pakatan Rakyat have already managed to change amnd form government in 5 very important States - and the people are looking to see whether there is any real significant change or not. To date, safe for that a bit of 'free water' in Selangor and the elections of leaders at the kampung levels in Perak, there seems to be not much changes.

Local Council Elections -- that was a 'promise' made, but that has not happened.

At least in Perak, they did allow the people to chose the local village/kampung level leaders.

I say again, they can have elections to choose the kampung level, taman level, kampung baru level...leaders at the very least...even if they do not want to have the Local Council Elections yet. There can be elections to choose the Penghulu,...even Senators.

It is all possible...and not doing it is indicative that the quest of PKR (or PR) is for the seat of power...not so much to bring about real changes.

Now, they say that the ISA and Detention Without Trial Laws will be repealed, petrol prices slashed, tol done away...blah...blah..blah - BUT will it happen when the PR finally take power.

Is there really any difference in those 5 States, that the PR has taken over? Maybe, I should just say 4 - since Kelantan has already been long in the control of PAS - now Pakatan Rakyat.

There are many issues in Malaysia. How will Pakatan Rakyat handle it? - the same way as being done by the BN, or differently...We are not hearing much about this? And we cannot say that this is because the media is 'censoring' - not now...not in this time and age when we have so many alternatives...

There has also recently been some criticism about this, and the fact that there is not even a 'shadow cabinet' of the Pakatan Rakyat.

There has also not been any steps to formally register the 'Pakatan Rakyat' - the developing of a common Pakatan Rakyat symbol, etc.. Will they still be running as DAP, PAS and PKR? Are there more parties in Pakatan Rakyat now? Is PSM part of Pakatan Rakyat?

Pakatan Rakyat rules 5 States - and is on the verge of taking over the Federal Government, and as such there must more than just 'campaigning' and 'slogans' ...and trying to get MPs to jump over.


Anonymous said...

I strongly feel that you are begining to wake up a little bit..and slowly you will be fully woke up..don't simply be conned by that Pakatan Rakyat promise..come on use ur simple thinking, taking over the government is so Easy as what been said BY our friend (DSAI)..He had made millions of Malaysian like bloody fool..and still you are believing and hoping to happen..GOD is so GREAT..ALL the untrue is going to prevail ONE BY ONE..BELIEVE ME

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I still want it. I think its just silly getting rid of Pakatan to install UMNO back, and you can do it in your own peril man. Every party is not perfect, but at least Pakatan is not evil and outrageously racist. I suggest you give it a good thought before you even write, seems to me just because a few promises that couldnt be kept for some unforseen circumstances you want to let UMNO back?

Anonymous said...

Politicians just want power and positions. For the rakyat, nothing much will change. That's the reality.
Do you really think anwar ibrahim and his bunch are that sincere?

50 year old malaysian