Sunday, August 23, 2009

PKR is the weakest link in the Pakatan Rakyat - now 1 PKR ADUN in Kedah has quit the party.

This is the problem with former BN people..... they just do not seem to be driven by principles and values...

For them, it is all about mobility of criminal charges...etc.

PAS, DAP, PRM, PSM ....they are stronger in character...although DAP also lost 1 in Perak fight ...that Hee person.

Najib...the UMNO and the BN do not just use elections to win seats and political power ...all means are employed. They threaten people with criminal charges... They may even offer money...etc. But the blame lies with the Pakatan Rakyat ADUN or MP that 'crumbles' under these pressures.. Better for them just to resign ....and let the Rakyat choose another.

PKR is also doing the same as UMNO (and BN)...maybe even worse... They woo ex-BN people to jump over and straight away put them into the Supreme Council and project them as 'leaders' of PKR...PR...Reformasi... Zaid Ibrahim, Chua,... (Remember that UMNO ADUN in Perak that jumped over to PKR...and then in a few days jumped back to UMNO...taking along 2 PKR ADUNs and 1 DAP ADUN ...)

Lunas state assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh who is also Kedah executive council member quit PKR citing loss of confidence in the party’s leadership.

He announced himself as an independent state assemblyman.

He, will however retain his Lunas seat as well as the state executive council post.-- Bernama - Star, 23/8/2009, Lunas rep quits as PKR member

Note that this ADUN has only left PKR...and not yet the Pakatan Rakyat. Maybe, he may join PAS or DAP...and just stay as an independent supporting PR...

We shall see...we shall see


vengai said...

Raya Ang Pow it may be already in his bank account.Huraiiiii,
we can see a few more special draws
in gambling outlets.ToTo might leads the draw.

yatikhwan said...


i beg to differ. Hee Yit Foong was the tipping point in Perak and nobody ever imagined that a DAP rep would do that.

i think that DAP and PKR had a culture shock post GE12. they denied BN2/3 majority, and the greater amount of their members were not ready for the victory.

post GE12, PR has been growing, in that process, PKR is shedding its baggage. DAP suddenly realised that they need to appeal to rural malay voters as well.

this time PR has a better target GE13. this time leaders of all levels realize that this time they are fighting for a place in Putrajaya, for some real change. it is not merely being an opposition.

i can see their hard work.

UMNO on the other hand, has been losing grass root support without recovering ever since GE12. so far the MP who jump ship are weaker ones. PR may have lost these small battles,but They are preparing on winning the war.

i am willing to reserve hope until GE13 and still support PR until then

[ the 3RD PARTY ] said...

{ PKR is also doing the same as UMNO (and BN)...maybe even worse }