Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who fought for the independence of Malaya...and who worked with the colonial powers preserving their powers until 1957? Who were the heroes? traitors?

Who fought for independence of Malaya from the British Colonialist?

Who fought for independence from the Japanese Occupiers?

Who fought for independence from the British Colonialist?

It is important to realize that when Malaysia was ruled by foreign powers - British, Japanese and then British again, there were those who collaborated with these foreign powers - and worked with them and for them. There were also those that would never work for the colonial masters or occupying forces.

There were those who chose the path of negotiations...and diplomacy in their quest for independence.

There were those who chose armed struggle as a means towards achieving independence...

Different means ....same objective...and all should be acknowledged as people who struggled for the independence of this nation...Malaya...Malaysia

There were those who just 'sucked-up' to whoever rules the day...allowing themselves to be bred to take over the reins of power one day (of course with the guarantee that British influence and benefits will always be protected ...)

Let us look back at history...and see who were those who did always fight the colonial masters to achieve independence...

And who worked for and with the colonial masters....

The time has come for us to look critically at the history of Malaysia...


Andy M. said...

[quote]It is important to realize that when Malaysia was ruled by foreign powers[/quote]

It is important to realise that Malaysia has never been ruled by foreign powers. To look at Malaysian history critically then begin by getting the facts straight. Malaysia didn't exist until 1957.

The Malay peninsular and what is now East Malaysia were governed by the British and invaded by the Japanese military before the nation of Malaysia existed.

nckeat88 said...

Chin Peng is our hero NOT Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Bring back Chin Peng and let's make him a hero

zane said...


I can't help but agree with u. The psywar of sowing hatred to the communist was too great that I believe the people would find it too hard to stomach the fact.

Yes, Chin Peng fought the British and he fought hard. He should be given some recognition.