Saturday, February 27, 2010

MBPJ - A sad reflection of Pakatan Rakyat, No Transparency, Accountability, Not Pro-People - Am I wasting my time?

I have made concrete proposals of how the MBPJ (Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya - Petaling Jaya City Council) could improve - become more transparent, accountable, informative, open...

Many were simple to implement, and they could have used their website to do this...
Some of the suggestions were:-

* Minutes/Decisions of MBPJ meetings [after all the Meetings should be open to the public, and it is already available. All that had needed to be done is to upload the minutes.] - NOT DONE

* Information of upcoming MBPJ Meetings, the Agenda, Time & Venue - so that the public is aware about it, and can make arrangement to come attend. This should be prominent in the Website. - NOT DONE

* Make all MBPJ (and MBPJ Committee meetings open to the public) - Now, only MBPJ meetings are open to the public (unless they decide otherwise), and the other committee meetings can be open if the MBPJ decides so. The power is in the hands of the MBPJ - NOT DONE

* MBPJ By-Laws, Regulations, Enactments, Laws - These set out the powers, procedures, rights, which applies to MBPJ, the people working/living within the MBPJ area, etc. Now the MBPJ makes mention of these laws - but it is not laid out in full so that all people know what it is. You cannot easily find or  purchase these 'laws' - and that is why it is important that MBPJ in their website (at the very least) lay out the law in full - so people will know what it is. - NOT DONE

Betrayed - Pakatan Rakyat is just like the Barisan Nasional, it seems. Just like the BN, they too do not listen to criticisms/suggestions for reform. Like BN, there was a lot of promises before elections - but after that,  promises are forgotten. Local Council Elections was promised - and we still have not yet had a Local Council Election in any of the Pakatan Rakyat states - let alone a real attempt to have it.

Should we give Pakatan Rakyat more time? more chances? OR should we just start looking for other options. 

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