Saturday, February 27, 2010

BN kills democracy in school. No elections only appointment by HMs...Schools no freedom of choice.

Democracy is something that must be promoted. The culture and value of democracy must be cultivated from young.

People choose their own leaders/representatives
- NOT the government choose and appoint the leaders
- NOT the Teacher choose and appoint the student leaders..prefects..etc

Now the UMNO-led BN Government  has ordered all schools - and told them to do away with 'students' participation' in the election of prefects? [Does this also apply to school societies, uniform bodies, sports teams - no more democracy, teacher-in-charge choose and appoint the leaders???]

GEORGE TOWN: Schools must stop conducting elections to choose prefects because such appointments are the prerogative of the principals.

State education director Ibrahim Mohamad said the directive came from the Education Ministry.
“I want to inform all schools to stop such practices. There is no need for an election for prefects.

“Headmasters and principals should appoint suitable candidates,” he told school heads during a Chinese New Year luncheon at the education department yesterday.

On Feb 12, some 2,000 students of SMK Raja Tun Uda in Bayan Baru experienced an election atmosphere when the school carried out its election for prefects over two days.

A total of 56 candidates from Form 1 to Form 4 stood for the election.

It was held with the help from the Penang Elections Commission.

SMK Raja Tun Uda is the only school in the state to have carried out such an election.

On a separate matter, Ibrahim urged schools to be prudent in managing their finances but that training for teachers must go on.

“Schools must continue conducting training courses for teachers – we are waiting for funding from the ministry and once we receive it, we will disburse it to the various schools.

“Meanwhile, you must not use that as an excuse not to train teachers,” he said, admitting that he was unsure if the federal training allocation of RM200 per teacher would be available this year.- Star, 26/2/2010, 'No' to prefect polls, appointments by principals

FREEDOM - schools, headmasters, teachers should have the freedom to conduct elections or not - why is the government depriving them of choice, freedom...?

DEMOCRACY - this culture and practice must be inculcated from a young age. Students should be allowed to choose their own leaders..

***But, then they are talking about school prefects - and these really are not the leaders of students, but merely the 'school police personnel', who serve the headmaster/teachers in ensuring that all the other students follow the 'laws' ...and catch them when they do not. Prefects are agents of HMs/teachers - and are really 'anti-students'.

But, in Malaysia, we do not have true democracy because the government still chooses and appoint community leaders (be it the Ketua Kampungs/Kampung Baru/Taman Perumahan/Kampung Orang Asli, JKKKK, JKKKT, Local Councillors or even Pakatan's Majlis Perwakilan Penduduk]

This kind of practice happens in a dictatorship, authoritarian regime, feudal society ....but certainly not in a democracy.

Oh people! You are 'immature'...stupid - incapable in chosing your own local leaders, so "WE" will choose them for you. You just listen and accept. Do not protest. WE know what is best. You have no CHOICE in the matter.

When Pakatan Rakyat also behaves in the same manner like the BN when it comes to the question of 'true democracy" - then the people really have not much of a choice, do they


clear conscience said...


I am not at all surprise by this directive.

Do you not know that all schools have also been instructed by the MOE to pay their own electricity bills & as such have to reduce the use of electricity in the science labs, library, computer labs etc/

How on earth are we to excel in the field of education?

As a Malaysian, I don't see the rationale for the Govt to spend millions in military purchases of submarines but cut off essentials for schools. Where is our priority with tax payers' money?

Highlight it in the press & not just in your blog. Let all Malaysian parents know that there is only divine faith that would save this country from going down the drains in education. Too much of politics simmering into this disgusting level.

I am disappointed with this BN govt

nm Ehsan said...

I'M SMK Raja Tun Uda student. When the prefect hold, I'M was in form 3. I don't see a school election was the problem.Otherwise, the selection of a new prefect should be changed to the selection of new head prefect. In 2010, my school is making elections to select new perfect, not the head prefect selection. This may be an issue because the loser remains a prefect. But the election in the school is not a big problem if the intention is correct.