Sunday, February 14, 2010

Government/Politicians - No need for hypocritical greetings/gestures... do what is required...

What is the meaning of concern and care for Malaysian, of Chinese heritage? 

Some of our Ministers and politicians think it is just handing out oranges during Chinese New Year (and making sure photos get taken and publicized)...or maybe walking around shaking hands and wishing 'Happy Chinese New Year" -- or maybe putting up those big banners all around town wishing everyone "Happy Chinese New Year"

Remember the people are not stupid - and all this is just a 'show' - not a true caring for the people... better for the government to get proper tarred roads built to cemeteries and temples. Good for a proper sign board to be put up, and maybe even road signs. 
In Temerloh, the road to the Christian cemetery is a very bad 'muddy road' - and the cemetery floods every time it rains.... , and, of course the local council have not put up a good sign board. The road to some Chinese temples are also in the same state of affairs. Hindu cemetery??? Same situation.

Show your respect and care for Malaysians, of Chinese heritage, and other Malaysians not by these pathetic 'hypocritical' acts of handing out oranges, placing banners, etc  BUT by some real action. You can start by ensuring proper roads build to access all temples and cemeteries. Start by allocating good land for usage of cemeteries - giving a 'swamp' for a community to use as a cemetery is wrong.

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