Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Has Malaysia become a US crony? Are we now anti-Iran and North Korea? Let's not be taken in by propaganda ....

Has Malaysia now become a US crony? a Western crony?

What is Malaysia's position with regard to Iran? ...and Iran's own right to develop its own nuclear technology(something that they have a right to do even under the NPT ?

What is Malaysia's position with regard to North Korea?

There was a time when Malaysia was seen as a 'champion' of the poorer...weaker nations of the world. Malaysia stood firm against the US and other global giants.... but where is Malaysia today? 

Have we lost our principles - and is now just another US crony? When US says 'jump' - Malaysia 'jumps'.

According to the AFP report, Malaysia has not really banned 'weapons of mass destruction' in the area. That means it is OK for a US submarine, ship, plane to be around with their 'weapons of mass destruction'

One of the biggest violator of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT or NNPT) has been the US. Disarmament was one of the treaty's obligation but the US still have nuclear weapons and continuing develop more. Not only that, they (during the Bush Presidency) threatened the usage of nuclear weapons against even non-nuclear states (and states where they claim had Weapons of Mass Destruction).
The 5 nuclear weapon states, i.e. US, Soviet Union, France, China and United Kingdom, agreed not to transfer "nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices" and "not in any way to assist, encourage, or induce" a non-nuclear weapon state (NNWS) to acquire nuclear weapons. But today, we find that Israel has nuclear weapons - but of course there has been no investigation, sanctions, etc... Many of the NATO Nations is also said to have nuclear weapons in their territory. But the US & Western double standards do not make this an issue at all.

So, we come back again to the question of where Malaysia stands on these issues...
KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia has outlawed the shipment through its waters of weapons of mass destruction which could end up in the hands of rogue states, reports said on Tuesday.

Activists say the country's lack of export controls meant fugitive arms dealers were able to ship nuclear weapons to pariah states like North Korea and Iran, a charge the government denies.

But Malaysia will now control the shipment of military hardware through its waters and the "designing, development and production of WMD and its delivery", law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz was quoted as saying by the Star daily.

The new law follows the government's denial late last year of involvement in the illegal 2008 export of nuclear weapons to Iran although it confirmed the involvement of one of its nationals.

"The act also calls for the protection of Malaysian exporters from being used as a channel for providing strategic arms illegally," Nazri added.

No new agency will be created to monitor the movement of "dual use" components -- technology that can have military or commercial applications -- manufactured in Malaysia, he told the New Straits Times newspaper.

An aide to the minister confirmed the reports but would not comment further.

Last November, the government admitted Malaysian Brian Kaam and Iranian Majid Seif, who lives in Malaysia, along with two local firms, were among eight people and eight companies charged in connection with the export of thousands of US strategic goods to Iran.

Kaam and Majid were named in a 13-count Justice Department indictment in September 2008 that included charges of conspiracy, violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the United States Iran Embargo.

It said the eight individuals had bought and then illegally exported dual use items to buyers in Iran.- AFP, 6/4/2010, Malaysia bans WMD shipments to rogue states: reports


Anak Perelih said...

Najib is a pro western/US/british.. and want to play safe by being a US stooge...

nckeat88 said...

This apply to opposition as well. Whenever they want support, they look for Obama!