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Najib's pro-US anti-Iran position on the nuclear issue? PAS?PKR?DAP?PRM?...PSM position made

Najib, on behalf of the UMNO-led BN government and all Malaysians has taken a position on Iran, and its current nuclear enrichment programme - i.e. the same position that the US have been pushing. Malaysia have also stopped gasoline supply to Iran, and have threatened Iran with further sanctions.

Whilst Malaysia attended the US organized nuclear summit, whereby a selected number of nations were invited, it seems that Malaysia did not attend the Iran organised nuclear conference which stressed on nuclear disarmament.

By doing this, Najib may have made Malaysia another pro-US nation state - and, I do not believe that most justice-loving Malaysians would agree with the PM. There was also no discussion in Malaysia about this before the UMNO-led BN government took this position. Malaysia, was previously seen as being independent, and a strong critic against US and other major powers  'bullying' methods.

What is the issue?
The US and its friends wants Iran to stop in research and development of nuclear enrichment technology. Iran is doing this for peaceful purposes, but the US and its friends have been making allegations that it could and it would be used for the development of nuclear arms. Iran under the Shah was considered a US-friendly nation, but after the Islamic Revolution, Iran has been considered a 'enemy' of the US. All kinds of allegations have been made, which have been investigated and it has been found that there is no basis for the assertion that Iran is building nuclear weapons. 

Iran refuses to stop in research and development of nuclear technology. It is not interested in buying 'enriched uranium' or 'uranium fuel rods' from the US and/or its friends. It wants to be able to develop and own the technology, which is a right within even the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(NPT). Sanctions after sanctions have been imposed on Iran. At the same time, there seem to be no action/sanctions against Israel, who many believe already have developed nuclear arms. The double standards is obvious....but Najib has done wrong in making Malaysia look like a pro-US nation....a crony of US.   

It is not Hulu Selangor by-election - but, I believe that the Pakatan Rakyat cannot sit silently without taking a position in this issue. Silence can be implied with agreement of Najib's position. One opposition party has come out with a statement - Parti Sosialis Malaysia...


The bilateral meeting between Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and US President Barack Obama served nothing but the submission of the Malaysian government to the imperialist US as its new foot soldiers of “War on Terror” in Southeast Asia.

Prime Minister Najib recently attended the 2-day Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, which achieved very little in promoting disarmament, but created conditions for stepping-up sanctions against Iran, a country in the oil-rich region that has refused to subordinate itself to US Imperialism. It has become clear that Obama's foreign policy is far from breaking with the aggressive expansionist approach under the Bush administration, but is more in line with the imperialist goal of achieving military domination of the world.

The imperialist- driven Nuclear Security Summit was concerned least about the security of ordinary people around the world, and sought instead to protect the interests of powerful nations that controlled much of the nuclear weapons. It was just part of a systematic effort by the US imperialists to prepare for military aggression against Iran, or to impose sanctions that would amount to economic warfare, and further help the US to step up military operations to defend its interests in the Middle East and Central Asia. Malaysia under the Najib administration should be ashamed of its involvement in this imperialist plot against Iran.

The Najib administration however seems eager and unable to even wait to declare itself as the new close ally of US imperialists in its bloody “war on terror” and the imminent siege of Iran, by cutting off gasoline supplies to Iran. Najib’s announcement came only 3 days after his meeting with Obama, following the footsteps of oil giants like Dutch Shell, Glencore and Vitol which have taken the decision to stop gasoline supply to Iran to echo the US call for sanctions. This shows that the Najib administration is willing to become the loyal servant of the US in its bid to strengthen its imperialist domination over the world.

As mentioned by Nazri,  the BN government under Najib even spent RM 77 million to hire the controversial APCO to not only improve the BN government’s image but also to “get close to the US”. We condemn such wasteful way of spending people’s money for just having a 40-minute flirtation with the imperialist US and trading off the interests of its people.

The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) calls upon:
1)      Malaysian government to stop its cooperation with the US in its attempt to impose sanctions against Iran which has the potential for spilling over into a military conflict that would bring catastrophe to the people of Iran and the world.

2)      Malaysian government to stop liberalising the economy to the neo-liberal imperialist powers and halt all negotiation on bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs)

3)      US government to withdraw its troop from Afghanistan and end its “war on terror” which only breeds more terror and misery for the people around the world.

4)      US government and its allies to stop their threats to Iran.

Hands off Iran! No to Imperialism!

Released by :

Choo Chon Kai
PSM International Coordinator
In Behalf of the
PSM Central Committee

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Do Malaysians agree with Najib's actions on the Iran issue? Does Pakatan Rakyat? Silence maybe seen as consent...

What is UMNO-led BN's position on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Israel..same as US's position...Israel's position ...APCO?

Has Najib made Malaysia a US crony? Have we abandoned our principles? Did he say anything about US's NPT breaches? Did he also hail Obama?


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