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Will we still need to get PR government permission to print, publish and disseminate newspapers, magazines, etc ...? Hopefully not...

Pakatan Rakyat...the Opposition ... just do not understand that we are fighting for freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, freedom of assembly ...

This means we do not have to go and get permission from the police and/or some other government authority to be able to publicly protest on any issue... It was sad that when people exercised this freedom...this right against the Pakatan Rakyat government - the Pakatan Rakyat complained and called it an 'illegal assembly' - and asked the police to act... [see earlier post:-Pakatan Rakyat's actions just like BN - anti freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, protests, demonstration...]

We are against the requirement that we must get government permissions/licenses/permits to be able to come out with our own newspapers, magazines, periodicals - and this is exactly what the UMNO-led BN had used to prevent differing viewpoints from reaching the people. We want the abolishment of such permits/licences, etc - People should be free to print, publish and circulate their newspapers, newsletters, etc... This is what we want. And sadly, again the Pakatan Rakyat is seen complaining about publications that are anti-PR stating that it is 'illegal' ...Why? Because it does not carry the 'printing and publication license number' (given when it is a publication that has been given a permit/license by the UMNO-led BN government). Why are you even raising this issue? Surely, we are against all such 'government control' of our right to print, publish and disseminate views..
However, anti-Pakatan Selangor Kita does not carry the printing and publication license numbers, a mandatory requirement for all newspapers. .- Malaysiakini, 15/4/2010, Pakatan target of guerrilla tabloid
To be fair, it may not have been Pakatan Rakyat or Khalid Samad who made this point but the reporter on his/her own initiative.

An underground anti-Pakatan Rakyat publication has been sneaked into Parliament and left at the MPs' lounge.

media journalist barred from parliament lobby lifted ended 250608 
02Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) found copies of the tabloid's second edition there today which had been made available for free.

The newspaper which started distribution in February very closely mimics the layout of the Selangor state's official publication SelangorKini.

However, anti-Pakatan Selangor Kita does not carry the printing and publication license numbers, a mandatory requirement for all newspapers.

The usual suspect, Umno Selangor, denied all involvement or even knowledge of the tabloid's existence.

The aim of the paper,which highlights the shortcomings of the Pakatan, it is believed , is to undermine the Selangor government.

The tabloid is also expected to surface in the bitterly contested Hulu Selangor by-election as a tool to weaken PR's credentials in the eyes of the electorate.

Khalid Samad attacked

NONEIn the latest edition, the paper gave prominence to Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria's comments questioning Khalid's (right) faith in Islam.

This was in regard to his suggestion that the word Allah be made available for non-Muslim usage.

At a press conference at parliament today, Khalid told reporters the published article was inaccurate and that he had not been contacted either by the mufti or Selangor Kita.

"As I had suggested that non-Muslims be allowed to use the word Allah, so I am a person who does not have faith in Islam and only a person that does not have faith will make such a proposal," Khalid said, quoting the tabloid.

He then explained that his stand on the usage of the word does not have anything to do with his faith as claimed by the mufti.

Khalid further clarified the reason behind his suggestion.

"What I said was that the enactment for Islam was drafted under the Umno administration.
"Since it is an administrative law, it is definitely going to be influenced by the mentality of the people in power," he said, adding that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government has adopted a very defensive attitude.

Hence, he explained that this is a manifestation of the siege mentality; when everything that non-Muslims do, is suspected by the government as propagating their religion among Muslims.

However, he added that under the leadership of the Pakatan, the enactment would be re-studied with a more open approach.

"So on that basis, I do not think anybody has the right to question my faith, least of all the mufti," he added.

When asked if he will make a police report on this matter, Khalid replied that there is no need.

"I feel sorry for the police, because so many reports have been lodged," he said.

Nevertheless, Khalid stressed that he will take legal action if the mufti did not retract his statement within seven days.- Malaysiakini, 15/4/2010, Pakatan target of guerrilla tabloid

That is why the Pakatan Rakyat must sit down and clearly state:-

 a)    The people are free to exercise the right to protest peacefully. There shall be no requirement to get prior police permission for any protest/demonstration ....talks, forums, ceramahs, etc..

b)     There will no more any requirement to get any permits/licenses for the purpose of printing, publishing and disseminating any newspapers, periodicals, magazines, ...... VCDs, DVDs, Videos, etc...

It is best that all this is clearly stated NOW - so that the people will not find themselves 'cheated' only to find that the alternative government that they have elected is just the same as the UMNO-led BN government that they voted out.

Now, the manifestos only have 'too broad too general statements' with no specifics and this is just not good. 

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Unknown said...

When it comes to freedom of expression etc, allow me to quote a famous wording from one famous politician. "Your freedom to swing your hand stop where my nose begin" :)