Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did 'torture' speed up death by reason of stomach ulcer?

The cause of death is stomach ulcer - it must have erupted and stomach fluids flowed to other parts of the body and possibly damaged organs, etc resulting in death.

But the question that need be asked was whether torture could have accelerated the death....A pimple, if pressure is applied, can erupt. Would pressure to the stomach in the form of being punched, kicked, etc - also bring about an early eruption of stomach ulcers/peptic ulcers causing death...

Would the condition of detention bring about an early rupture of a stomach ulcer? After all stress, injury are all causes of stomach ulcer...
Was the deprivation of food at the correct time a reason for this...

What is rate of death by reason of stomach ulcers in Malaysia? What is the rate of death by reason of stomach ulcers whilst in police custody? What is the rate of death by reason of stomach ulcer while in prison?

In the case of Veerasamy, who died in Ampang Police Lock-Up, the reason was again a rupture of an ulcer....and guess what, he was taken to hospital before that for stomach....gastric pains...and they had the equipment in the hospital to do a gastroscopy - which will have most likely than not identified that there was an ulcer...that was in danger of erupting....and treatment could have been given...In the worse case scenario, there is also surgery that could have been done. But the doctor gave some medicine and send him off....and it ruptured, he died...

Maybe, it should be made a standard procedure that all persons arrested and detained by police should be send for gastroscopy t0 if there are any 'ulcers' that is near eruption ...
Torture - well, techniques have been developed as to how to torture without leaving any clear marks, etc...and as such, it can be difficult to find evidence after some time lapse... [The torture could have resulted in getting the 'ulcer' closer to eruption...or even started to leak....and then later it just erupted - and person died..]

So, end result died by reason of stomach ulcer.... BUT was that death expedited by 'torture'???

The preliminary report of the second autopsy on electrician M Krishnan, who died in police custody on Jan 7, has concurred with a previous autopsy result which said the deceased succumbed to stomach ulcer related illnesses.

Lawyer acting for Krishnan's family Gurmit Singh Hullon said that his clients does not accept the outcome of the second autopsy.

azlan“We are not happy with the result and we do not accept this findings because it is the opposite of the evidence. Krishnan was assaulted, beaten and left to die without medical attention for five days,” he said.

The second autopsy was performed at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) by pathologist Dr K Mathiharen. This procedure was requested after the family because they did not accept the first autopsy result.

Krishnan's wife P Revathi, 37, told reporters that she does not accept the latest autopsy results and is adamant that her husband died due to police assault.

“I will fight this in court no matter how long it takes me. I will wait for the first and and second official post-mortem results,” she said, while fighting to hold back her tears.

“We had two eye-witnesses who saw everything and there are photographs of his bruises.” - Malaysiakini, 25/1/2011, Krishnan's family cannot accept 2nd autopsy results

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