Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sabahan Yong Vui Kong appeal - Judgment Reserved

SINGAPORE - Latest News and film on Al Jazeera about Yong Vui Kong, ADPAN News Bulletin

1. SINGAPORE - Yong Vui Kong  - Give Yong a Second Chance!

AL Jazeera - has put out an excellent film in support of Yong.  This film (Lianainfilms) shows how the support and campaigning is still building to save Yong's life. It shows what his family is doing, the extraordinary lengths that his lawyer and ADPAN member M. Ravi is going to ensure he is not executed,   the collection of 109,000 signatures, how over 10,000 supporters are now on Facebook and the Give Yong a Second Chance Campaign.

Latest News:
On 17 January the Court of Appeal heard Yong Vui Kong’s appeal to stay his execution on the grounds that he had been denied a fair clemency process.  M. Ravi argued that the process of clemency, which was denied by the President last December, had been prejudiced by public statements made  earlier in the year by the Minister of Justice in favour of his execution. The Court of Appeal  reserved judgment  which means that the decision could be delivered any time and Yong  executed  if the appeal is rejected.

The Malaysia Foreign Minister has previously intervened to ask the President of Singapore to spare Yong's  life.

Please  also take a look at the film, the birthday wishes put out by Lynn from Lianainfilms. Place on your websites and distribute the appeal (see below).
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