Monday, January 17, 2011

Sinometal Case Update(3): 27 Workers Win, 3 send back to Burma, 5 still missing...

Now, 27 of the 30 workers are back to work, and the employer has agreed that they will earn about RM1,000 per month, and will also get their overtime. There are still 3 workers in this group that is missing?? 

With regards the hostel where the workers were staying, the good news is that electricity and water supply has been restored today.

With regard the 5 worker leaders, which the employer took to KLIA with the intention of sending them back to Burma. It is confirmed that 2 escaped from the employer, and is on the run. The other 3 have been send back to Burma.

The matter is not resolved yet - for we cannot forget the wrong that Sinometal has done to its workers, and eventhough 27 have managed to get what they were complaining about, great injustice have been done to the 3 leaders that have been sent back to Burma, the other 2 leaders still on the run and the 3 other workers. 

We have yet to get any information from SUHAKAM, and one wonders how the employer managed to send the 3 back to Burma after the DG of Immigration was aware of what had happened. They had the said workers names, and passport number. Did the immigration department act to prevent this wrongful unjust act of the employer, or did they not? Certainly, the employer must pay substantial compensation to the workers that they send home - and this should not only cover all the expenses incurred by the said worker to come to Malaysia, but also maybe all the wages that he would have earned during the contract period... It will be difficult for the 3 workers to come back to Malaysia and file a case at the Labour Department/Court and/or the courts - and that is why SUHAKAM, the Labour Department and the Immigration Department should maybe ensure that the appropriate compensation and damages be sent and received by the said workers. Likewise justice must be done to the 5 other workers...still on the run? possibly from this employer?

Sinometal Case Update(2): 2 Migrant Workers escape employer's attempts to send them back to Burma

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