Thursday, January 13, 2011

RM1 million to PR ADUNs, RM0 to BN and other ADUNs - Discrimination just like what BN did

BN is bad when it only gives allocations of millions to their own MPs and ADUNs .... but, just like BN Pakatan Rakyat (Selangor) is also doing the same. I hope that PR will behave differently, and if there are allocations going to ADUNs for the benefit of the people in the constituencies, then the allocations must be for all the ADUNs, the representatives chosen by the people irrespective of the ADUN's political affiliations. Just giving to PR ADUNs and not to BN and other ADUNs is discriminatory, disrespect for the people and the democratic process, and certainly wrong.

So, when PR come into power, will things be the same as now. Would only PR MPs get money from the Federal Government? Will BN States not get the same allocations as the other PR States? Will 'oil royalties', etc due to the state be withheld because the state is being governed by a BN government? Will Najib and some BN leaders be languishing in Kamunting under the ISA? 

Malaysians want PR to be different - to be a better alternative to the present BN, but the actions of the Selangor PR government does not help.

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor state government is allocating RM1mil to each of its Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen to carry out upgrading works in their respective constituencies ahead of a possible general election this year.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the allocation was for road repairs, drainage and other upgrading works for the people’s benefit.

Speaking to reporters after chairing the weekly exco meeting yesterday, Khalid said, no allocation, however, would be channelled through state representatives from Barisan Nasional.

Explaining the matter, he said, Barisan federal government also discriminated against Pakatan MPs.

“If Parliament allocates funds for its MPs, we will also do the same,” he said. - Star, 13/1/2011, S’gor PKR reps to get RM1mil for upgrading works
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Remember also that Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael D Jeyakumar has taken this matter to court in an effort to end this kind of discrimination by the UMNO led-BN Federal Government, and so really Pakatan Rakyat must not be like the BN.

In my opinion, there should maybe not be such allocation to MPs/ADUNs, i.e. "...for road repairs, drainage and other upgrading works for the people’s benefit...". MPs/ADUNs should be doing the job of MPs and ADUNs and not that of the Local Councils and other departments. People should be educated and empowered about the various different departments/etc that they should go to get their road repaired, etc. MPs/ADUNs of the Opposition, the alternative to BN, must stop the old ways of BN that tells people that they cannot do anything or get anything done unless they come through BN. This must change... 

If the State or Federal government wants to give MPs and/or ADUNs additional allocations, then this must be for setting up of 'service centres', hiring of more staff, researchers, phone/communications, etc for currently the allowances of MPs/ADUNs is pathetic and there is not enough even to set up a good team of assistants to the ADUN/MP - who would include also research assistants who will assist MPs/ADUNs go through Bills they have to debate, research so that when they make a point - it will no more be 'cakap kosong' but is backed up with some good points, etc...

And if MPs and/or ADUNs are given any allocation by the Federal (or State governments or Local Governments), then it must be to all of them irrespective of party affliations. 

Talking about roads and drains... maybe, as a matter of practice, the ADUN  and the MP and/or  their nominated representative, should be members of the Local Council - and this is where such matters could be effectively raised by these democratically elected  representatives of the people...

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim today announced an allocation of RM1 million to all Pakatan Rakyat state assemblypersons disbursed within the next three months.

“This is for the state representatives to repair roads, build bridges and improve drainage, in conjuction with the respective local governments,” explained Khalid at a press conference after chairing the state exco meeting at the state secretariat building in Shah Alam this afternoon.

NONEHowever, he admitted that the disbursement of the allocations will mimic BN's practice of withholding allocations from opposition elected represenatives, in an eye-for-an-eye move that will see state allocations denied to BN representatives.

“This allocation is only to Pakatan representatives, just like they withhold funds from our parliamentarians,” said Khalid (left), who is also Bandar Tun Razak MP.

Asked if he would follow BN if the ruling coalition "jumped off a cliff", Khalid laughed it off.

“If they jumped off a cliff, we will look first,” quipped the MB.

Taking a more serious tone, he said that they had actually approached BN to try and work out a solution.

“We offered them that if they distribute allocations to all MPs fairly, we will do the same with state allocations.

“But they refused,” said Khalid, shrugging off the matter.

Draft amendment ready next week

Meanwhile, at the same press conference, Khalid also announced that the final draft for the proposed bill to amend the state constitution to return the power of appointing state executive officers to the MB and sultan, will be ready next week.

“The initial draft is ready, but we need to discuss with our exco members further. We already briefed them, but they are asking for another meeting.

“We also need to brief our friends in Pakatan, as this is a big issue with serious implications. I estimate that the draft will be ready next Wednesday at the latest,” he said.

Khalid was also asked for his reaction to Umno's challenge for him to point out how have they committed treason against the king.

Umno took away sultan's power

“I never said they committed treason, but if that word is used, I am okay with it.

“They took away the power of the sultan in 1993,” said Khalid in response.

Asked about Umno's answer that they remain loyal to the sultan as they continue to consult the ruler over state executive appointments after the amendment, he argued that it was just an Umno PR exercise.

“They were just being diplomatic.

“They took away the sultan's power and then went to him and say, this is our choice, now you just look and smile,” contended Khalid. - Malaysiakini, 12/1/2011, RM1 million windfall for Selangor Pakatan reps



Anonymous said...

Mr Charles,

I support the Selangor government on this. They should do the same until UMNO/BN abandon their policy of providing funds only to BN MPs and funneling funds direct to PR State Governments. This has to be done to pressure UMNO/BN to abandon their unfair practices.

Stop making thing difficult for reforms I request you.

Anak Perelih said...

the allocation is channel thru local council lah... not directly given to ADUNs...

OneYear12Topic said...

“ How can Pakatan Rakyat claim to revolutionise politics if it does what Barisan Nasional did when in power?” From asking for government jobs to denying opposition lawmakers funds,
Wong Chin Huat warns that PR is looking increasingly like the BN.

So our rubbish MB SElangor said the RM 1 million will be used for repair roads , build bridges , improve drainage ....
This is our a few simple question ?

a) Every political party claims that they can do a better job. The federal government is
saying Selangor government has mismanaged the state and it is the same vice versa.
Since both government are claiming that they are better, then this is their opportunity to show
what they are made off.

At least BN already have
But the PR STILL Jumlah Pengunjung : 2,850,221 (Sejak 15hb Mei 2006)
mean they are using BN system , cakap ONLY langsung tak bikin
Open-tender system for Selangor soon on 13 April 2010 . Hari ini sudah 22 Jan 2010
Will 13 April 2011 MB SElangor say open-tender soon again ????

b) If you visit pulak cakap
as laid out by Dr Azmi Sharom, associate professor of Universiti Malaya
your ADUN's primary duty is to debate and vote on the proposed laws (known as Bills) to ensure that the best
possible laws are made .

If PRubbish ADUN say their job is not jaga longkang , then why their ADUN allocation used
for longkang . And again if menaiktaraf anak sungai is
Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Petaling ( ) ,
then why need ADUN allocation use for menaiktaraf anak sungai ???

c) Mr A Jan 19, 2011 say he have been living in the same housing area in Kajang for almost 30 years
Mr B who move his house from MERLIMAU to Kajang say waters entered his living room
when raining heavily

Ins't The assessment fees collected annually by the council should be used to maintain
cleanliness of public areas ????

November 17, 2010 /// Factory owner Kuan Ban Hoe said the flooding was not new as they have been facing
floods since 2005 and have been complaining to the council.
( )
June 14, 2010
After living with flash floods for 20 years, the residents of Jalan SK 5/2 in Seri Kembangan New Village have
finally received a promise from the authorities to look into the matter and come out with a solution soon.
( )

So we think RM 1 million ADUN allocation is too small , perhaps should be RM 100 million ( masuk their pocket )
and yet your house still get flood .