Friday, March 16, 2012

How the NGO reps in Local Councils were chosen in Selangor is also important?

Is there a democratic process whereby the NGOs collectively and democratically chose and submit proposal of NGO reps to be appointed to the Local Council - this was attempted and done in Penang. Was it done in Selangor as well?

Wonder also whether those in the said NGO list are also party members?

How are the NGO reps selected - by DAP? PAS? PKR? or together or just by the State Government? It would have been good if other Opposition parties also had at least one rep - PSM? PRM? HRP?

Good also to know what NGOs they represent?

Maybe there should be one resp from the Consumer movement? - chosen by consumer groups
One from the trade union movement - proposed by MTUC maybe?
One from the Women's movement? - chosen by women's groups

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