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Gerakan doubts gov't survey on Lynas acceptance (Malaysiakini)

Well, finally a BN component party, the GERAKAN Youth have come out doubting the figures of those that were against Lynas....

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Gerakan doubts gov't survey on Lynas acceptance
Gerakan has expressed doubts over the “source and accuracy” of the survey on the Lynas plant that claimed 97 percent of the respondents agreed to the rare earth plant in Gebeng.

Party youth secretary general Dominic Lau, in a statement today, questioned the methodology of the survey.

dominic lau hoe chai meet university authority over e-voting 270110 azarae idrisLast week the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) said feedback forms received during the public display of the Lynas application documents for a temporary operating licence (TOL) showed that out of the 334 respondents, only 3 percent opposed the plant.

Lau (above, in white) questioned the number of respondents and how the authorities had come to their conclusions.

“As far as we are concerned, most people who read the newspapers know that the Perhimpunan Hijau 3.0 which was held in Kuantan recently had attracted more than 20 thousand supporters to protest against Lynas.

“You can’t be saying that the 20 thousand people are the 3 percent, can you?”

NONEThe public display session from Jan 3 - 26 had been heavily criticised for its various limitations, from the small number and location of venues to viewing procedures that critics alleged had been aimed at limiting the number of viewers and the time to view to the relevant documents.

Lau called on the government to be “more transparent” in dealing with the issue that he said was essentially about the plant’s potential health hazards.

He said he hopes that the “health and safety of the nation should be the top priority of the government”.

“The government should first ensure that the health and safety of the people would not be threatened before making any decision,” said youth leader from one of the component parties of the ruling BN coalition.

penang himpunan hijau 2 260212 03Last month saw Himpunan Hijay 2.0 hold the largest rally against the Lynas plant to date, following the approval of Lynas’ TOL.

An estimated 15.000 turned out in Kuantan, Pahang, and concurrent rallies were held nationwide in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and others.

While the mega rally in Kuantan went peacefully, the sister rally in Penang saw a group of pro-Lynas lobbyists disrupting the rally, resulting in two journalists being injured.

Following this, attempts by a group of residents to mount a legal challenge against the TOL hit its first setback on February 28 when the government raised a preliminary objection.

In the latest development, the government offered suggestions to return the waste to Australia, or to move it to a less populated local dumpsite to placate the public.

However critics continue to say this offer simply reflects the government’s admission that the Lynas waste may be hazardous.- Malaysiakini, 5/3/2012, Gerakan doubts gov't survey on Lynas acceptance

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