Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Malaysian Bar unanimously passes resolution for the abolition of the death penalty (10/3/2012)

Malaysian Bar(representing about 14,000 Malaysian Lawyers), at its 66th AGM on 10/3/2011 passed yet another Resolution for the abolition of the death penalty. Note that, unlike the past Resolution which had persons who opposed and those who abstained, this 2012 Resolution was passed unanimously (No objections, No abstention).

Resolution regarding the death penalty

Motion proposed by Naran Singh and jointly seconded by Pritam Singh Doal, GK Sritharan, T Gunaseelan and R Kengadharan, dated 28 Feb 2012

(As amended)

Now it is hereby resolved:

That the Malaysian Bar, taking into cognisance its earlier resolution at a previous Malaysian Bar AGM that the death penalty should be repealed, and bearing in mind the current public debate on the merits of the death penalty, calls upon the Government of Malaysia to take immediate steps to abolish the death penalty in any legislation providing for it, and insofar as those awaiting execution, that the death penalty be remitted by executive action.

The motion, as amended, was unanimously carried.

See Malaysian Bar Website 
- http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/malaysian_bar_s_resolutions/resolutions_adopted_at_the_66th_annual_general_meeting_of_the_malaysian_bar

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