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Najib's promising more than RM5 million for BN MPs? Buying silence and support?

RM5 million ...and now, at this time when Najib is facing possible corruption charges, a promise to BN MPs that this astronomical sum will be increased further is most suspicious......an attempt to 'buy support'...and maintain confidence of majority in Parliament - maybe even to secure leadership in UMNO? 

So inappropriate, in my opinion...Now, will be the BN MPs accept this 'more money offer' - and not act according to positive values and for the good of our nation?
“Before it was RM1 million, now it is RM5 million but next year there will be more. I will make an announcement about what we can do,” national news agency Bernama quoted the Prime Minister as saying at an Umno event in Gerik.“If Umno is not in power, the Malays will be doomed, I as the President will ensure Umno and Barisan Nasional continue to be in power,” Najib added.

RM5 million for an MP - I was under the impression that it was still RM1 million, which was already excessive. 

RM5 million - 'take it and use it as you wish' for 'local development, etc'...

The concept of paying money to MPs to spend in their constituency itself is so wrong... 

There are already relevant government Ministries and Departments in place to deal with all different aspects of the peoples' needs. These government institutions are all consistently monitored by the Auditor General's office, and have to comply with proper procedures...including transparency, accountability and 'open tenders'... 

Annual allocation of government funds are already made to local authorities(Local Councils), States and Federal Ministries; so, the question is why this "RM5 million" or any other money given to elected peoples' reps, and  for what? 'Buying votes', drawing support to UMNO and BN parties with 'money' and preferential treatment of cronies? 

Duties and responsibilities of the State are allocated specifically to different departments and agencies; They should be using that money for these fixed purposes and objects... 

But, if there is RM5 million out there with MPs, will the people suffer - because some of these government agencies/departments may take the position no more to be responsible for these 'smaller projects' believing their MPs already have the money to deal with them...

But the MP's, more likely than not will only be helping 'their cronies', their party members, ...maybe even areas that supported them, and NOT everyone and every area - this is not right....A Malay contractor, an UMNO member, used to complain that even minor home repairs and re-building of homes for the poor are all just given by the BN ADUN to his own 'crony contractor' - and not to the other contractors - there is no open tender, etc...is this true?

MPs and ADUNs should help the people by just directing them to the relevant government agency/department. If the said relevant agencies/departments fail to act, the said reps will maybe exert pressure or highlight their failures - It is not for the MPs to use 'allocated funds' to just work that should be done by government departments/agencies. If they do so, they are encouraging further neglect and failings on the relevant departments/agencies..

Even if some money is to be allocated to elected reps, it should not be 'cash in hand' with freedom to spend as one wished. It should be held by some relevant government agency, maybe the local council - where the MP can apply for it to be used in some way to serve the constituency, and the local council will then use the same properly ...if deemed appropriate with regards the purpose of the funds and the needs of the constituency. 

Now, most Malaysians invite the respective BN rep or, if no BN MP or ADUN, the respective BN person with access to the funds to officiate functions just because of the prospect of getting funds...Sad for these BN person, for it is not true respect that gets them invited rather the 'money that they will donate'... which sometime may be sufficient to cover the cost of the entire function plus additional money for the relevant NGO or society or community...It is a JOKE...

Money needed for support staff, service centres, etc

I say, get rid of these 'allocations' for MPs/ADUNs and Senators, and if money is to be given it should be for their 'service centres' - rental, paying amenities and equipment, payment for staff and personal assistants, payment for subscription for online laws/research materials and other hard copy publications/magazines/books. Our MPs need all this for the proper functioning as peoples' reps - they should not be spending their MP/ADUN salary and personal allowances for this. How many staff - well, really they would need several 

- Personal assistant/s who will be interacting with the constituents - arranging meetings, gathering information, preparing information dissemination material whether online or otherwise, being the go-between person between the reps and the people, doing preliminary response and further investigation of issues raised by the public, etc

- Person with a legal background; one who will be able to study Bills and prepare detailed comprehensive briefings, and also help prepare questions and points of submissions - this is no easy task. Prepared MPs/ADUNs will not look like fools in Parliament when they argue points and make interventions - it will all be 'well-studied' relevant responses - and people will respect reps more. 

- Clerical staff, etc

- Also persons to maybe assist reps prepare media statements, speeches, etc
Many 'peoples' rep' also sadly do not even the capacity of coming out with their own opinion and views - all they do is 'repeat' the opinions and viewpoints of their party leaders; and this is sad. They fear questions from the people because they just do not have the 'capacity' to provide answers or deal with questions {The trick they employ is always to make long speeches & avoid questions}

MPs assisted by competent staff will improve in quality.

So, how much money really is needed for these matters...for staff (RM15k), for office space/service centers/etc (RM5k) = RM20k = about RM250k - RM500k per month. This should be for ALL peoples' reps - but all claims need to supported with receipts. Accounts should also be made available to the people.

But no more RM5 million (or more next year) just for the BN MPs 

YAB is "Yang Amat Berwang"(One With Lot More Money) - Change this perception

YB was supposed to be 'Yang Berhormat'(Your Honour) - but for many people, it has sadly become "Yang Berwang"(One With the Money) and YAB is "Yang Amat Berwang"(One With Lot More Money).

People now go to 'peoples' rep' for money...or financial assistance - and nothing else. They should be going there to express the views/opinions/concerns - for after all, the MP/ADUN is the peoples' rep; and to represent the people in the constituent, he needs the constituents' views/opinions/concerns - not merely requests for this and that financial assistance, projects, etc..

People is at fault just as much as their MPs (and ADUNs) - and the peoples' rep are still not doing enough to change the attitude of the people...Without talking and getting the feedback of the people you represent, your views and position will just be as your political leaders want them (or sometimes just your own) - thus truly you are not being a peoples' rep?

Social media is now the only easy way available for people to communicate their opinions/views/questions/etc - and peoples' reps should be 'listening to the people' but alas some MPs/ADUNs and the government are talking about 'censorship' or 'detering people from criticize government' - so sad. 

The people are speaking - LISTEN to them. If you do not agree, get involved and express your own views or 'correct' wrong facts. Some MPs/ADUNs have started including PM through FB pages, Blogs, Twitters, etc... Be open to opposing views...

So, is Najib's announcement for BN MPs connected with the allegations of corruption that he is facing? Is it an attempt to 'keep the confidence of the majority' of the MPs so that he can continue to be Prime Minister? Is it a 'bribe'...is it another act of corruption using not Najib's own money or BN's money but Malaysian peoples' money? 

The timing of the announcement raises much speculation. On one hand we have Zahid Hamidi, the new DPM, talking about 'over our dead bodies'...and PM offering more money to BN MPs. What 'threats of violence' and 'offers of money'? 
"Over the dead bodies of Umno members will the government be changed through back-door methods," said Zahid, who is also deputy prime minister and home minister. - See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/over-our-dead-bodies-zahid-says-of-plot-to-topple-government#sthash.oyszXtNx.dpuf
All we want is a better Malaysia - and for that we need true democratic values. Who wins the elections is the peoples' choice - and there should be an end to 'discrimination' against constituencies that voted against the political party that ends of as government.

Giving of 'government funds' just to MPs/ADUNs belonging to the party that ends up ruling the State/Nation must end.

Financial allocations to Elected Reps must be for all elected reps, and it should be restricted in use for setting and maintaining service centers/offices, hiring support staff to assist the Elected Rep, and for education and training of our elected reps. 

Elected Reps should not take over and do matters that is already the responsibility of government departments/agencies.

Elected Reps should stop giving out 'government funds', giving the impression it comes from any particular political party, or from the politician. I wonder how many of our MPs/ADUNs/Senators even use their 'own money' to help the people - donations, etc??

MPs - speak out and act in accordance to your own personal values and principles, and those of your constituents. 

If you act because of 'Fear' or 'Reward', you are selling out the people of Malaysia. And, it will reflect on your 'character' and the people will not forget...

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More than RM5m annual allocation for BN MPs starting next year, Najib says

Sunday August 16, 2015
10:50 PM GMT+8

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. — file picPrime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. — file pic KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 16 — Putrajaya’s annual allocation for Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs will be increased from the current RM5 million starting next year, Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced today.

“Before it was RM1 million, now it is RM5 million but next year there will be more. I will make an announcement about what we can do,” national news agency Bernama quoted the Prime Minister as saying at an Umno event in Gerik.

“If Umno is not in power, the Malays will be doomed, I as the President will ensure Umno and Barisan Nasional continue to be in power,” Najib added.

Najib, who is Umno president and BN chief said that further details on the annual allocation will be announced soon.

Annual allocations for BN MPs are usually used for development projects in constituencies which the ruling coalition controls.

Opposition MPs do not have access to these allocations.

At the same event, Najib was also quoted as saying that while he was always ready to accept criticism in his administration of the country and party but such criticisms needed to be done through proper channels.

“As the president I wish to stress that in an organisation there must be proper conformity, there must be discipline. Not that there will be no difference in opinion but such opinions must be voiced out behind closed doors.

“I have said I can be criticised but there is a place and way to do it. If criticism is thrown out (in public), the one that will be damaged is our party. One can criticise, as so long as it is done ‘through the proper channel’,” Najib said.

Discontent appears to be brewing within Umno in at least three states: Johor, Sabah and Kedah since the removal of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal from Cabinet following their vocal criticism of the government’s handling of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Despite their axing from government, the two senior Umno leaders hold much sway among party grassroot leaders in its Johor fortress and Sabah, considered a BN “fixed deposit” for elections.- Malay Mail, 16/8/2015

- See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/more-than-rm5m-annual-allocation-for-bn-mps-starting-next-year-najib-says#sthash.IX7F6qAO.dpuf

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