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Najib -"What is happening is that they keep quiet when they get the money but when I'm being attacked, everyone keeps quiet,"?

It is a sad day when Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak have been found wanting. He has forgotten that his responsibility is for the wellbeing and welfare of all Malaysians - every man, women and child. I must add, that the poor and marginalized should be a special priority of any Prime Minister and government.

It is sad that Najib has forgotten the meaning of democracy and Parliamentary Democracy. Unlike a dictatorship, a democracy also demands transparency and accountability, and from leaders it demands honesty, and an openness to criticisms, and and an appreciation of 'checks and balances'. A good leader encourages freedom of expression and opinions - he listens to the people, and never just demands 'silent loyalty and compliance'. 

What is Parliamentary Democracy in Malaysia? Persons offer themselves as candidates from different political parties and as independents, and the people of Malaysia will choose their representative - the Members of Parliament and the State Assembly persons. The victor, is the people's representative - and his duty and responsibility now is wellbeing and welfare of all the people in his/her constituency, his/her State and Malaysia. 

The choice of Prime Minister, sadly is not directly in the hands of the people, but lies in the hands of the elected MPs - From amongst the MPs, the one who enjoys the confidence of the majority of the MPs then is appointed as the Prime Minister of Malaysia by the King. The Prime Minister then picks his team, made up of MPs or Senators, to be his Cabinet and carry out the job for the good of the people of Malaysia.

Once elected, a Prime Minister or any other MP/ADUN, must thereafter serve ALL the people of Malaysia  and do the needful for the welfare and wellbeing of ALL people (men, women and children) of Malaysia. Pm must not be giving special treatment or preferences to himself or his family or friends, those who gave him 'donations', his political party members, BN parties members, people of his ethnicity or religion - his duty is to all persons in Malaysia, guided by our Federal Constitution and the principles of justice and human rights.

During this 'crisis' we are in which alleges money(possible gratification) in the PM's own bank account/s, allegations and questions concerning 1MDB and possibly other GLCs, our PM, rather than spending his time explaining, clarifying and answering the people of Malaysia seems to be spending way too much focus on UMNO, the political party he belongs to....Najib should be providing regular explanation to the people over TV and radio [See earlier post:- ], and maybe should be going round Malaysia talking to all people...not just UMNO members
"Whatever I do as Umno president, even if I receive funds, it is all for the party. "I have been helping divisions, including providing them with monthly allocations to run their offices."Umno, under my tenure, has conducted many corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, sent people to perform the Haj and repaired dilapidated houses.
Najib may be UMNO President, and it is odd that he seems to be claiming 'personal responsibility' for money UMNO allocated to help its divisions... or was it not 'UMNO's money' ...but the PM's money? Is UMNO not a democratic organisation, and isn't all decisions be it to help divisions the decisions of the UMNO Supreme Council made democratically, or the relevant State UMNO committees? If it is a democratic, there will be proposals made by the President which may be defeated when voting is done in the Supreme Council. Maybe, UMNO operates differently from any other democratic society in Malaysia. In a society's constitution, the role of the President is defined - to be the spokes person, the chair meetings, to have a 'casting vote' in case of a tie, etc... One may be the president, but really all decisions are made by the Exco - and it really is odd, when he claims responsibility as was reported. 

"What is happening is that they keep quiet when they get the money but when I'm being attacked, everyone keeps quiet," 
It is sad that he seems to be now 'demanding blind total loyalty' of UMNO members, calling them to defend him when he is being 'attacked'. 

Attacked? Who is attacking him? The Malaysian people are asking questions and seeking clarification - but alas, Najib fails miserably when in comes to satisfactory anwswers... Even when the allegation of RM2.6 billion that was transfered to his personal account surfaced, Najib should have immediately come out and confirmed this and provided an explanation to the people - but alas, he never did - all he said was that it 'was not for personal gain' - but people were still wondering whether such amounts were sent and received by Najib in his personal account? 

Najib did initiate investigations, or rather did not stop investigations > PAC, Special Task Force, MACC, Police, AG's chambers.... but then he started doing this that may be perceived as interference with the investigations... 

Why is UMNO repairng dilapidated homes - surely that is the responsibility of the government... not UMNO.

UMNO too must be careful - where their money comes from is of concern? Did it come from a Zionist? Did it come with 'conditions'? Is someone trying to 'buy' UMNO? Is UMNO now going to push some agenda of some foreign person? What did Najib Razak promise or do to get the money? Was it not too increase Minimum Wages, or not to get rid the 'contractor for labour system'? People normally donate for a cause, for a reason...

Personally, even if there some good man who wants to make a donation - it is odd that the donation is for a particular party, UMNO? Odd, because there is BN - and such donation may be more likely for the Barisan Nasional, that is in government - not just UMNO? Or Najib was only doing fund-raising for UMNO - but not the rest of BN? If it was a true unconditional donation, more likely it may be for Malaysia - maybe for the recent flood victims or victims of natural disaster. Odd for a 'foreigner' to give a 'donation' for general use by UMNO? There is also a good possibility that it may have been a 'bribe' - not a sincere no-stringd attached donation..

UMNO members - they are Malaysians and human persons. They are also people who are concerned with values, principles, justice and human rights. When allegations of corruptions arise against the President of UMNO, or about 1MDB during the time that their UMNO President is President, they too will want the truth - they would want comprehensive independent investigation, and I am sure that they too will not be satisfied if the person accused (or of being responsible) for any wrongdoings says he is 'innocent'. Most persons accussed of a wrong doing would normally say 'Tidak Bersalah'(Not Guilty) - then courts after considering the facts and evidence decides...UMNO members are not fools - they would not be fool enough to say that Najib is innocent of wrongdoings, or all is OK with 1MDB and other GLCs. 

But sadly, now some do join political parties for the wrong motives - money, contracts, etc. They have forgotten that the real reason why people do join political parties is to serve society - all Malaysians. The believe that their ideology, solutions or vision is best for Malaysia > and that is what they offer for Malaysians to choose in General Elections, and if the people choose them, then they try to help us all implementing their plans of action for the betterment of Malaysians now and the future. 

Self interest and self gain never was or should be motivation of political party members or leaders. Political party members also serve as a very 'important check and balance' to their members who are peoples' reps or leaders in government - they make sure they do not sway from the values, principles and objects of their party, Party members are thus never 'blind loyal followers' of their leaders. Najib now may be hoping for the wrong thing from UMNO members > I do hope they do not disappoint me.
When the issue came up about large amounts of money in Najib's personal accounts - presumption of corruption arose...and this need to be investigated and resolved...What do UMNO members say? What do UMNO MPs say? What do UMNO and BN Cabinet members say? 

If all the allegations raised by the Wall Street Journal, and the Sarawak Report(and that 'Clare Rewcastle-Brown'), were false - which would make it defamatory, why has Najib himself commenced defamatory actions against them in US and the UK. After filing the suit, he could have applied for an interim injunction to stop further publication of such 'falsehood' until the trial ends... Why is Najib not doing this is odd? If I was Najib, that may have been my first action...

Aug 8, 2015
By Alyaa Azhar

Najib to Umno: Don't turn on me after getting funds

After Najib Abdul Razak's loyalists insisted that the RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal bank accounts were donations intended for Umno, the prime minister today reminded Umno leaders they themselves have benefited from the funds he raised.

As such, Najib said those who have benefitted should not add fuel to fire when he was under attack.

"As party president, whatever I do, be it raising funds for the party or other matters, it is solely for the interest of the party. It is not for other purposes.

"Under my leadership, many (Umno) divisions have received a lot of help. We have done  a lot of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

"Many people could go for  the haj, many divisions get contributions every month.

Don't just be silent after receiving them. (Or worse), when I am attacked, add fuel to the fire," he said when officiating the Bandar Tun Razak Umno division annual general meeting today.

"We must defend the party because what I have done is not for my own interest, but the party's," he said.

Hitting out at the opposition, Najib said they should also reveal the source of their party funds if they wanted to know Umno's .

"We want to know where they get their funds. Is it from inside sources, some tow kay (business tycoon), a massage parlour or from overseas?

"I am willing to present Umno's accounts with the condition that the opposition does it too.

"(So) don't say that I am selling out the country. I will never do it, I am a prime minister who will be accountable in whatever I do.

'Prevent other problems'

Najib added that if he were to receive funds or donations, these were not due in return for contracts or such.

"That's why the MACC has said that it was not corruption and not from 1MDB's funds, it (the investigation) is completed.

"So don't view that what I did was a mistake. I did it for the party, I wanted to prevent other problems from arising," he said.

The MACC earlier this week had said that the RM2.6 billion purportedly deposited into Najib's personal banks accounts came from a donation.

"Investigations have found that the RM2.6 billion which was allegedly deposited into the prime minister's accounts is the contribution of a donor and not from 1MDB funds," said the commission in a statement.- Malaysiakini, 8/8/2015
Saturday August 8, 2015 MYT 3:13:22 PM

Najib slams Umno divisions criticising him

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has hit out at Umno division heads who have criticised him over the political fund issue, saying that as party president, his actions are in the interests of the party.

"Whatever I do as Umno president, even if I receive funds, it is all for the party.

"I have been helping divisions, including providing them with monthly allocations to run their offices.

"Umno, under my tenure, has conducted many corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, sent people to perform the Haj and repaired dilapidated houses.

"What is happening is that they keep quiet when they get the money but when I'm being attacked, everyone keeps quiet," he said when opening the Bandar Tun Razak Umno meeting here on Saturday.

‎Najib said he was not an autocratic leader and need not be surrounded by "yes men", adding that he appreciated differences of opinion as it would provide different prospective to a situation or issue.

"We can exchange ideas and even argue in meetings but when the leadership has decided, we must stand behind the party. We must show a united front," he added.- The Star Online, 8/8/2015

Najib chides Umno members who fail to defend him (NST)

By Rozanna Latiff - 8 August 2015 @ 12:56 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak today said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has made it clear that any funds deposited into his personal accounts were donations which he said were received on behalf of Umno.

The prime minister and Umno president said the MACC's findings proved that the funds he received did not amount to corruption nor were they originally from 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

 "Don't say I'm selling the country. I am a prime minister who is responsible for everything I do."

"Some people may have received money so that they can approve or land contracts, but I have not done so.

"This is why the MACC found that what I received was not bribes but donations," he said at the opening of the Umno Bandar Tun Razak division delegates' meeting here.

Najib said the party's many divisions had benefited greatly from funding distributed under his leadership and criticised Umno members who failed to defend him from attacks by other quarters.

"We have provided a lot of help, a lot of funds so that the divisions can improve their administration and help their members."

"Many members gladly receive our help but then later join in the attacks against me. "You must defend me as what I do is not for personal gain but for the party," he said.- New Straits Times, 8/8/2015

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