Sunday, August 16, 2015

Power to the people to remove their MPs/ADUNs - who no longer have majority support of their constituents?

We, the people, elect our Members of  Parliament(MP)...and they serve a term of up to 5 years until the next General Elections unless they die, resign, is convicted of an offence which carries a sentence of imprisonment ...., etc.

What is missing in Malaysia is the power and the ability for us to remove our MPs (and ADUNs).

The Prime Minister, if and when he loses the confidence of the majority of the MPs will be forced to go....

Should we, the people, also have the power to remove our MPs and/or State Assembly persons(ADUNs)? I believe that we should be given that power? 

MPs will have to be removed if and when they stop listening to the people they represent - and this is the perceived reality in Malaysia - because many MPs will just listen and follow the 'orders' or 'instructions' of the political party leaders - but not really the wishes of their own constituents..

Now, in Malaysia, many people may want a new Prime Minister - but alas, their own peoples' representative may not listen to them and do the needful..

Some MPs may simply betray the people - and we, the people, cannot even remove them...

Some MPs may do wrongs that we the people cannot overlook - and our desire for another person to represent us cannot be fulfilled...

Hence, it may be time for us to have provisions in our law to remove our MPs and other elected representatives...True democracy demands than the people power be given the power to remove their elected reps...We should not be forced to wait for the next General Elections - and stay represented by a person we no longer wants to represent us...

Taking guidance from our Federal Constitution, when it comes to removal of Prime Minister... likewise if and when a MP or ADUN (peoples' representative) loses the confidence of the majority in the constituency, the said MP/ADUN will be removed and another elections(a by-elections) will be held to find a new people's representative.

So how many registered voters in a Constituency required to remove an MP?

Propose that a petition signed by 10% of the registered voters in a Constituency is sufficient to move the Election Commission to take the necessary action. The list of names must contain the names, address, national identity card number and signature of the voters supporting the petition.

The Election Commission shall thereafter, on receipt of the said petition verify that the said petitioners are indeed registered voters, and in 14 days shall call on all registered voters to come forth, and indicate their support or opposition to the said Petitition.

To do this, Notices will be placed at prominent places all over the Constituency, on websites, etc - stipulating that the voting process will be conducted at the stipulated locations, at the specified times, and shall continue for a period of fourteen(14) days[or maybe even more].

Places where the Constituents can come and vote could be government offices, public halls and other suitable places. These places shall be opened on Rest Days.

At the end of the voting period, the votes will be counted.

* If the number of votes in favour of removal exceeds 50% of the total registered voters in the constituency, then the said elected MP or ADUN will be removed, and a new elections will be held. [There would be no bar for the removed elected representative re-contesting in the by-elections].

The ability to remove elected reps now, without having to wait for the next General Elections, 4-5 years away, is most important.

It will also deter MPs and ADUNs from shirking their responsibilities to the people the represent. 

This will also encourage MPs/ADUNs to be better reps - with more consultations and dialogues with the people of the constituency.

Now, many MPs and ADUNs do not even communicate with people in their constituency - they do not even have a Blog or Website that makes such communication so easy and affordable.

Many MPs/ADUNs do not even consult the constituency before the vote on matters - like new laws, etc..

Many MPs/ADUNs do not even share with their constituency the questions that they have asked, and the answers they receive from the government. Sadly, the Parliament website also do not publish written questions and answers... The government may have provided an answer - but for the general public, the perception is that the government is not answering... 

The power must be given to the people of the Constituency to remove such MPs and ADUNs - and get another better peoples' representative. 

Without this power of removal - the reality would be that the people are effectively not represented in the Parliament or the State Legislative Assembly ---



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