Monday, September 10, 2018

AG Tommy and Minister Kula - No prosecution/action against those respensible for death of 2 workers? Low priority?

AG Tommy Thomas - Why have no one been charged for the 'killing' yet? Why have the Minister and Local Councillors and public servants responsible for the death?

Minister Kulasegaran - What action have you taken? Occupational Health and Safe of Workplaces is the Ministry's responsibilities?
two factory workers were killed while 18 others were injured after inhaling ammonia gas that leaked at the premises...The victims died on the spot after they were believed to have inhaled the ammonia gas, which had leaked from a tank at the factory while they were conducting routine work. A total of 18 workers were rushed to four hospitals here in the state for treatment.see Is Azmin, MB Selangor, Local Council responsible for 2 worker's deaths and children sick from ice factory ammonia leaks?

Just 2 ordinary workers died...many others affected by ammonia poisoning...Now, the media has forgotten and there seem to be 
- no action against the Minister of Human Resources, the relevant Director General or the staff..
- no action against the Mayor/President and the Shah Alam Local Council
- no action against the State Government - who chose the Local Councillors
- no action against that Ice Factory...
(Expecting just SOCSO and/or other insurance to cover the claims is simply not enough...because there are possibly violations of the law...malfeasance, misfeasance, etc...maybe even 'corruption')

Now, if the dead were some VIP or 'important' people, then the response will be fast...BUT, a government and us are responsible for ALL persons ...even lowly ice factory workers...

If the factory had complied with the law, had all the necessary permits/licences, had the necessary regular inspections, etc ...and then the accident happened, then maybe letting SOCSO or the relevant insurance the employer had taken to cover claims/compensations for the death/injuries may be OK but here...there are other crucial factors that came out in media reports - that now should have moved Tommy Thomas(our Attorney General/Public Prosecutor) to prosecute for crimes including...'MURDER' or some other crimes of killing.

An inspection by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) at the ice factory in Section 36 here, where ammonia gas had leaked earlier today, found that the premises had a license to carry out ice processing activities, but was not permitted to store hazardous materials. -Ice factory had no licence to store hazardous materials: MBSA - see Is Azmin, MB Selangor, Local Council responsible for 2 worker's deaths and children sick from ice factory ammonia leaks?

Well, ordinary worker victims and their families, may not decide to file complaints or initiation legal suits >> SURELY that does not mean the perpetrators, which in this case may involve government and also public servants.

The fact that AMMONIA is used in ice-factories is common knowledge...the fact that ammonia would be stored in such premises is most probable ...the fact that there is a need for a permit/licence for the storage of HAZARDOUS material is something any fool would know...And remember, it was disclosed that this Ice Factory did not have the said licence/permit...and the question is also for how long. How could the Local Government(MBSA) even be giving license/permit to continue operating without first ensuring all required licences were there. [Of course, if there was a license, then it will not be given unless all safety requirements were complied with by the factory]

The Ministry of Human Resources have a Department of Occupational Health and Safety, which is tasked with also the responsibility of inspecting -- When was the last inspection? Did they not know that 'hazardous material' was stored, and that the factory did not have the relevant permit/licence?

WAS THERE CORRUPTION involved that resulted in the said factory being able to operate...without even the required licences/permits or maybe even a proper comprehensive on site inspection? Many possible crimes here... For the small shops and restaurants, we often see the local government officers doings 'inspections'..threatening actions...and maybe even soliciting 'bribes' to close their eyes and take no action. Do they do the same with these big factories...or has 'laziness', incompetence or 'corruption' allowed such factories to operate without complying with laws to ensure the safety of workers...

ACTING AFTER THE FACT - was a common behavior during the UMNO-BN regime. Only after someone dies of dengue or is hospitalized, they come to the area and do fogging, etc ...

Small time workers, they may have been, but really there must an immediate INDEPENDENT INQUIRY - what comes to light is a possible failure of government/s and public servants ...Sweeping the 'case' under the carpet is not an option for a new and Alternative Government...Note the State is also governed by PH, and the Local Councils were all 'political appointees' of the State...and we now cannot tolerate failure of duties and responsibilities...and, we have to also ask WHY they did not notice the lack of needed license... Was there 'corruption' or were the owners of the factory politically connected.

Most disappointing when the ADUN and/or the MP where the incident happened also seem to be not concerned - Did they speak out? What about the other politicians and parties?

WORKERS are also Human Beings ....Did the Unions and MTUC speak out yet? MTUC, after all, is the ILO and government recognized representative of ALL WORKERS in Malaysia.

There is not even much details of the affected workers - Were they Indian Malaysian  workers? Or were they migrant workers? 

The factory has been temporarily shut down - who is looking after the welfare of the workers? Are these workers being paid their monthly income - are their welfare been look after by the Local Government, State government and/or Federal Government? What is happening to their family...How is the government helping workers?

Workers, sadly, may not be a priority of the current Pakatan Harapan led government...after all, they are just planning to increase minimum wage by RM50 in 2019? 

Is Mahathir bothered? Is Anwar bothered? Is Wan Azizah bothered - because certainly women and children would suffer? 

Who is helping in the funeral arrangements of these workers?




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