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PKR and Anwar - Do they practice Democracy or 'FEUDALISM'(a blind loyalty to President)?

DEMOCRACY or a kind of FEUDALISM(where total loyalty and obedience to Leaders) - that is becoming a concern in Malaysia - including in some of the political parties in government?

Is PKR a democracy? Is is a society of individual members? OR is it merely a kind of feudalism which demands of all members an unquestioning loyalty to the current elected(or not) Supreme Leader/President? 

Will any PKR member express an opinion in opposition to Anwar? Will anyone even lobby among membership a position different from Anwar? Does what Anwar say automatically be PKR's position?

This phenomena of 'total blind loyalty' also seem to have been present in UMNO and even BN - alas, we saw very few with the GUTs to challenge Najib? to question Najib? ...even on the 1MDB issue despite the availability of so much information alleging wrongdoing about the 1MDB, etc 

The question now again is whether that kind of undemocratic culture exists in PKR and Pakatan Harapan parties?

Is PKR a party of PKR members, or is it simply an Anwar's supporters club? 

Odd for Anwar to say, '...“There are no camps. There is only one camp. Anwar’s camp,” he said....'. It would have been better for Anwar to have not said that 'there's only one camp. Anwar's camp' ...better for him to have said that '...In PKR, we believe in democracy...and now members will choose the leaders of PKR. I will respect the members decision and work with all elected leaders for the good of PKR' ...rather than making it all about Anwar.

PKR have an history of many of its leaders leaving over the years ...Why is that?

ANWAR's Plan - Get a PKR MP to resign so that he stand for elections. In my opinion, that is rather is best to simply wait for a Parliamentary seat to fall vacant...and then Anwar should contest, and he should fearlessly contest in any Parliamentary seat...

After Anwar gets elected as an MP, what then will happen? Will we then see his wife step down as Deputy Prime Minister, so that Anwar can take the position of Deputy Prime Minister...You and I have seen this all before...What happened to that ADUN who resigned so that Anwar could contest in Kajang...and, then he could not, and Wan Azizah contested...Wan Azizah is a capable woman and leader - but alas, public perception is that she is just Anwar's seat warmer...It did not help by her past actions...

It is this 'feudalistic' culture that is preventing democracy in Malaysia ..and the motivation is power and control? People democratically elected may not be 'YES-men'..better to simply put in 'political appointees'?

- 'The political bosses' prefer not to let people democratically elect ...but would prefer rather to APPOINT ...that too possible a 'political appointee' blindly loyal to the appointing bosses...When are we going to get back our democratic right to elect our own Local Government(Local Councils)...WHY ARE WE STILL BEING DENIED OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT? 

- YES, the new government removed 'political appointees' ...and maybe some 'political cronnies'...BUT then are they not replacing them with their own 'political appointees'? Was the reason why Azmin remained so long as Menteri Besar, rather than resigning after being appointed Federal Minister, because of needing time to get his 'political appointees' in? Maybe not ...but it still remains a mystery to me why it took so long for Azmin to resign as MB of Selangor...


PKR - Odd that people campaigning are stressing on the 'loyalty' to Anwar and their commitment for Anwar to be the next Prime Minister. This stress on 'Anwar' makes one wonder whether PKR may have forgotten the meaning of 'true democracy' - where any members or elected leader has always the freedom to take a contrary view to the President...and even be critical, knowing that the exercise of this freedom of opinion and/or expression will not result in their 'expulsion' from the party...

This feudal like behavior may even exist in other political parties ...and it is disturbing.

If the political parties that form the Pakatan-led government do not practice true democracy, and freedom of expression, freedom of opinion... then Malaysians may have to worry whether they will govern Malaysia democratically

PKR Elections - What should one consider? 

In PKR, if its members are voting for 'teams' it is sad - it is better to look at the individuals contesting and choose the best based on his/her character, principles, values, GUTs[Will he/she be willing to speak out if and when President Anwar is wrong], PAST history of speaking up/acting...] - and certainly not whether he/she will be able to get me some 'goodies' if he/she win...

In any event, PKR Elections is a PKR matter - we should be more focused with Malaysia...and the reforms happening or not happening.. 

Anwar to be next PM - an agreement between 4 Pakatan parties, Malaysians never agreed to this(neither were we consulted)

4 Pakatan Harapan parties made a deal about Anwar being next PM - What do the members of PKR say? Do they want Anwar to be the Prime Minister at all? 

20 years have we still have the same Anwar Ibrahim? Some of the things he now says and does is a bit of a concern...including his 'support' for the Turkish President with a rather disturbing human rights record...Anwar and Malaysia must call on Turkey to respect human rights and true democracy?

Anwar's speaking up ONLY about Malaysian Malay rights is also a concern...Anwar Ibrahim - 'Malay Malaysian Rights' Do Not Exist? Only 'Quotas'? EXPLAIN please...

BUT a bigger concern is about these 'feudalistic' or 'absolute loyalty to the President' mentality and practice which is also present in some other societies and even trade unions...[Remember that any decision between AGMs is made by the entire Executive Committee - not the President alone, which would happen in a feudalistic society]

For your information, the Cabinet is different - there the decisions really is only the Prime Minister's. The Cabinet is simply the 'team' chosen by the Prime Minister to carry out the functions of government. As such, Prime Minister can remove or add any Cabinet member anytime...So, how a Cabinet run or decisions made in Cabinet is really up to the Prime Minister...

On the other hand a society, political party and trade unions, every leader is chosen by the members as a whole. It is not a case where members pick the President, and then the President chooses his/her Executive Committee




‘Don’t dare snatch promised post from me’

Anwar Ibrahim addresses PKR members in Kuching today. (Bernama pic)
KUCHING: PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim today urged party members to wait patiently for him to take over from Dr Mahathir Mohamad, adding that the prime minister must be given the opportunity to solve the country’s problems.

He said Mahathir had promised to vacate the prime minister’s post for him when the time is right.

“Don’t anyone dare snatch it away from me,” he said jokingly as quoted by Bernama, after meeting PKR supporters here.

The PKR president-elect also confirmed that a parliamentary seat would soon be vacated to make way for him to contest in a federal seat for his return to Parliament.
"Yes, there are two or three possible seats (to be vacated), but I didn’t know which one.

“Let’s wait for the announcement,” he said.

Anwar meanwhile refuted claims that the party is split into two camps in the run-up to its internal polls.

“There are no camps. There is only one camp. Anwar’s camp,” he said.

In his speech today, Anwar warned party leaders against getting involved in corruption.

“This is a stern warning from me because as long as I am the president of PKR, I will not tolerate corruption,” he said.

“PKR is a party for all…and all leaders should stay united. I will not expel you just because you lose in a party election,” he said.- FMT News, 8/9/2018


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