Thursday, May 28, 2009

Election Commission's chief's complaining about death of peoples' rep is stupid - show respect, please..and KFC?

I was shocked by the alleged conduct of the Election Commission...

How can you even be talking about health of candidates being a consideration? Any person shall have the right to stand for election - and the right to be elected..

The attitude of the Election Commission towards death of elected representative is shocking. They should be sad - express condolence - not complain about having to work again and spend more money conducting another by-election.

Come on, the Election Commission is supposed to be in charge of conducting all elections - including elections for Senators, and Local Council Elections [which today, have been kept on hold by law]. Hence, the only Elections that they do conduct is the Parliamentary Elections and the State Legislative Elections. So, what is the Election Commission lamenting some respect to the dead.

What do they want? Medical Examination and Certificates of Good Healths, just like those required for Migrant Workers before they are permitted entry to Malaysia, for all candidates who want to offer themselves for elections - this is crap... [I am of the opinion that mandatory Medical Examination and Certificates of Good Healths for migrant workers should also be scrapped.]

They complain about the RM400,000 that have to be expended for a by-elections. I would like to see how they spend that money. [The Malaysian Bar for its EGM used to spend about RM50K to RM70K - and now they spend less than RM10K]. The point is that the sum is not that excessive, and money should never be a justification to prevent the holding of elections. The point is that we can reduce the expense - if the SPR changes its ways and stop having KFC.

KFC - what is the Election Commission talking about? They should be eating at the local food outlets.

And this afternoon, in a hope to prevent more by-elections, Abdul Aziz pleaded with political parties to field candidates of sound health.

election commission spr announce manek urai by election dates 280509 02Acknowledging that accidents cannot be prevented, he however quipped: "I hope that there will be no more deaths of elected representatives."

"We never question deaths, we never go to their houses (the deceased politicians) to check or ask their families whether they are really dead," he added.

Responding to a question, Abdul Aziz said compulsory medical check-ups were not required under the Election Act.

He also revealed that the EC spends about RM400,000 for every by-election. And to make matters worse, he revealed that Manek Urai does not even have a KFC outlet. - Malaysiakini, 28/5/2009,
EC chief: No more deaths please

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Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha YB. Tell that to PAS machinery of Manik Urai.

After news of his death got out, the machinery was already preparing for elections with lightning speed.

Not sure if they respected the former YB there much and mourn for the death of their comrade.

Reza Pahlavi said...

Ajal dan maut itu di tangan Tuhan, bukannya di tangan presiden sesebuah parti.

It is not a mortal's decision whether a person died at the hospital bed, while cycling, playing badminton or roulette, or in the hands of an assassin.

Wonder what will be UMNO's reaction if a PAS Adun died around 2004-March 2008 when PAS only had 23 out of 22 state seats.