Friday, May 22, 2009

Priest of St John's Chapel, Triang called in for questioning by police [Updated]

UPDATE: Well, Fr Jean Claude met with a courteous police officer (he thinks it may be Special Branch), and they were asking him 'funny things' - i.e. about his personal background. They also asked him whether he had a criminal record. They wanted to know about the one who talked about 'Freedom of Religion", and whether there was any 'political content' - anti-UMNO...anti-MCA content. [I am sure that the police was present, and they know exactly what was spoken by me]. He said again the police officer did give the impression that they had to do this because the instructions came from the 'top'.

Looking at the questions, I verily believe that it just pure intimidation. Scare them...and make them stop their struggle to save the chaple of St John's

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Fr Jean Claude have been called in by the police for an 'interview' at the Triang police station tomorrow, Friday (22/5/2009)... Allegedly the instructions come from the Inspector General of Police (IGP)..

Last Sunday at 4pm, there was a special mass (prayer service) at the St John's Chapel in Triang, i.e. that 83 year old chapel, that the Pahang Government is threatening to demolish.

Lots of yellow coloured St John's Chapel parishioners were there, and there were many more persons that came from other churches around the country to show solidarity. (Below is a picture taken before the rest of the crowd arrived)

After mass, there was food and drinks served, and a little talk by me on Freedom of Religion.

Now, the police has called in the Parish Priest, Fr Jean Claude Lourdes, for questioning tomorrow.

What are the police doing? Trying to put some psychological pressure to stop this desparate attempt by this community to save their 83-year old chapel? I wonder..

Fr Jean Claude said that he will be going in to the Triang police station at 2-30pm tomorrow (22/5/2009).

Why is this old chapel being targetted for destruction suddenly...something is amiss.

Is there some corruption involved? Maybe the anti-corruption body need to just investigate to be sure...

Or, is it just some form of 'punishment' being meted out to the Catholic community in Triang? Why? Because of the problems that the Catholic Church been causing - i.e. that Allah case, the conversion and religious rights issues..

Maybe, it is because the church sits in that odd seat that has repeatedly elected a DAP ADUN - but then the MP, is BN Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob...

Najib is from the Pekan Constituency, adjacent to the Bera Constituency, and I believe our new PM should step in and ensure the continued existence of this little chapel which has served the Triang community as shelter during bad times...

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anjestieno said...

God is always on the right side.He is watching what is going on.

Unknown said...

Any updates on this? This in intimidation .. pure and simple !!