Tuesday, May 05, 2009

St John's Chapel, Triang - the Church that needs saving

This is St John's Chapel - a quaint wooden chapel. Large old trees also found round the chapel. Patriotism is also strong, as evidenced by the Malaysian flag...

Below, one sees the 3 Lots being marked in yellow. Note that Lot 1 and Lot 3 are already Church land (see letter below). Oddly, Lot 2, on which the Church stands was only leased out to the Church and since the 60's, the lease had not been renewed.

A letter from the Temerloh District Officer dated 6th January 1931 - which also states that Lot 1 and 3 have been gazetted as Church land - and the lease for Lot 2 will be issued soon. Today, the Kindergarten sits on Lot 1, and the Church in Lot 2, and in front of the Church is the road(which passes through Lot 3).

The inside view of the St John's Chapel

Gereja Katolik Santo Yohanes (Roman Catholic Chapel of Saint John). Note that the entrance to the Church also serves to the Kindergarten (the Tadika Saint John)

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