Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jaya Supermarket Collapse: 7 Workers dead - Is there a 'cover-up'?

What non-sense...are you telling me that the employer (and/or fellow workers) do not know the names of their own workers? Surely, they have the employment records, etc...

The bodies of all seven workers trapped in the rubble of the collapsed Jaya Supermarket building here have been recovered.

The last three were pulled out yesterday, said Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed.

Final count: The recovery team removing the last body from under the rubble yesterday. The bodies of all seven workers who were trapped after the building collapsed on Thursday have now been found.

However, the final two bodies could not be identified as they were badly crushed. Police will wait for the Indonesian Embassy to help with possible DNA identification, he said.

With the recovery of the seven bodies, the search and recovery operation ended at 5pm.

On Thursday, the five-storey portion of the supermarket building collapsed right to the basement, where the car park was located, during demolition work. - Star, 31/5/2009, Bodies of all seven trapped workers found

DNA identification - I wonder how they are going to do this. Even, in Malaysia, we do not have a DNA database of persons, whereby it would able for us to do DNA identification.

Fingerprints...and Dental Records - that is how identification is made when bodies are crushed beyond identification.

But, again ...surely you know the name of your workers that are missing. I wonder also why the name of the employer of these workers that have been killed are being kept 'secret'.

I worry whether their family/dependents will get their Workmen's Compensation money of maximum RM18,000 (plus the additional compulsory insurance payment of RM7,000)

Or, will there by no pay-out...? I wonder whether the employer registered these workers for Workmen's Compensation, or purchased the requisite for the said workers...

Is the employer being investigated? Was he negligent in not providing the required safety levels and conditions, as required by law. Did the workers have the required safety

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sinkeh said...

Does this point to illegal workers being employed at the site when the tragedy occured?

charleskwi said...

Over the 22 years pariah Mahathir as the P.M. he built many things that he can make a lot of money but not a DNA database.

It is obvious why he did not do it because it would identify him as an Indian and not a Malay. Remember he is a Doctor and even his wife, what a shamble !

Unknown said...

First of all, are we REALLY sure that 7 workers are the ONLY ones trapped, or could it be that these 7 are also cover ups for a bigger (possibly invisible due to illegal status) body count to look out for once the rubble is really cleared up? Someone should monitor the movement around the site to see if there are more bodies being pulled out as the clearing continues. I have this weird feeling that there are more than what is revealed to the media.