Friday, May 01, 2009

Penang: PR: 28[70%], BN:11, Vacant:1(Penanti) - So, stronger PR government OR more check and balance?

Let us look at the Penang State Assembly

Total Number of Seats:- 40

Pakatan Rakyat Seats :- 28
DAP - 19
PAS - 1
PKR - 8

Barisan Nasional (BN) Seats: 11

* Empty seat :- 1 ( Penanti - waiting to be filled)

(At present, PR with 28 seats has 70% - more than 2/3, which I believe is enough to make amendments to the State Constitution - which, I wonder why they have not done yet? Is the State Constitution perfect? I do not think so - they could include basic rights - like food, shelter, clothing, water, education, etc...and more...)

In short, the winning of the seat by a PR candidate does nothing for the status quo...

It is very clear that the Pakatan Rakyat government has a very strong majority...

Hence, for the purpose of 'check and balance' in Penang, maybe we need to vote in more opposition..

But, the BN now is the Opposition in Penang - but, I say do not vote for the BN but maybe for some other party candidate, who is not in BN or PKR, OR some Independent candidate...

Now, who do we have left? Maybe, Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM)... for after all, they did indicate their interest in running for in the coming by-election of the Penanti seat. See earlier post:-PRM has declared their decision to contest in the Penanti by-elections [It saddened me to see that many a alternative media, I believe also Malaysiakini, did not carry the PRM Statement].

Parti Rakyat Malaysia :- They did join the Parti Keadilan, and become Parti Keadilan Rakyat. But, it seems that some of the members did not, and they have subsequently revived the old Parti Rakyat Malaysia(PRM), which was never de-registered apparently. Now some of the members, who are now in PKR, have gone to court in an attempt to de-register this PRM - and I say, do not do this. It is already so difficult to register a new political party - and, as such, please discontinue the attempt to deregister PRM. Let it exist...and continue to exist. Its continued existence, I believe, will not prejudice PKR today. There are so many important battles to fight - and this attempt to 'kill' of PRM is not one of of these important struggles...

What about PSM (Parti Sosialis Malaysia)? Have they joined the Pakatan Rakyat? Are they the part of the Pakatan Rakyat? They currently have an MP (i.e. Sungei Siput - Dr Kumar Devaraj), and an ADUN in Selangor (Dr Nasir Hashim, who is also President of PSM). Is PSM now in the Pakatan Rakyat?

An independent candidate - why not? If there is some credible person.

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nckeat88 said...

Vote for BN. Though PR got 70% but they are impotent especially the LGE. He needs remote control from the convicted Anwar. The status quo will probably stay till next election where nothing cahnge in Penang.