Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another 'projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional' collapses...

Another project of the Barisan Nasional government, Stadium Kuala Trengganu....has collapsed.

I wonder why we see signboards stating that this is yet another 'Barisan Nasional' project - when it is in truth a project of the government of Malaysia.

But when buildings come crushing down - then suddenly we do not hear that this was a BN government project - it just becomes government project...

Blame also gets shifted to some foreign contractor, etc... The responsibility, of course, lies with the BN government and the State Government.

Thankfully, this roof did not collapse when the stadium was full for a football game or some other function. Now, it seems that there were no one who got injured or killed - but wait there were cars (vehicles) that were crushed... hopefully all are safe..

Who issued the certificate of fitness? Was it not the Majlis Bandaran(Bandaraya) Kuala Trengganu...yes, blame lies with the person/s who said that all was OK with that building...We demand immediate investigation - and immediate action against those who approved. Action should also be taken against the Architect, Engineers, etc...But, alas, this is Malaysia and the names of those responsible will become 'secret' - and nothing may happen. Who got the contract to build the stadium? Who did the contractor sub-contract to...and who did the sub-contractor sub-contract to...and who did that sub-sub-sub contractor sub-contract to...who really did the final building...

Sub-contracting so many times is a norm in Malaysia - many a time some of this who get the contract (or the sub-contract) do not even have the capacity to build even a toilet. So, why did they get the contract (or the sub-contract) - well that is one way how money can flow into certain pockets legally...

In any event, all the contractors and the sub-contractors (and their directors) must be revealed to the public and they should all be made accountable...no more government money should be spend on this stadium. Those who got money and did a bad job must now do the needed repairs to re-construct this stadium using their own money...But, this is Malaysia - and the reason for the collapse would most likely be an 'Act of God', and there will be a new tender and a new project, and maybe even the same people (using the same company or different company) may end up getting the project to repair the stadium...and more of the rakyat's money will be spent...

The roof of the 50,000-capacity Gong Badak stadium in Terengganu collapsed at about 7.30am today.

In the incident, 60 percent of the roof at the stadium collapsed, including that above the royal box at the grand stand.

Eyewitnesses told Malaysiakini that several vehicles were crushed by the falling roof.

stadium sultan mizan gong badak 020609Freelance journalist Sazali Mohd Nor told Malaysiakini that the high roof at one end of the one-year-old stadium had collapsed.

The low roof on the other end of the stadium was unaffected.

Malaysiakini learnt that the stadium's consultants were worried about the integrity of the roofs which were built by a foreign contractor.

The RM270 million Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium, the biggest stadium in the east coast, was built to host the 2008 Sukma Games.

It was officially opened by the king, Tuanku Mizan, last May. The all-seater multi-purpose stadium is often used by the state football team. - Malaysiakini, 2/6/2009,
Stadium roof collapses in Kuala T'ganu


nick said...

Satu lagi projek songlap duit dari barisan nasional.... Seekor kancil telah terbunuh akibat kerakusan orang2 UMNO Trg mengsonglap duit. Lebih teruk agi,sebanyak 280 juta duit rakyat terengganu hangusss! Belnaja berjuta2 tapi tahan 1 tahun je... dia orang buat stadium tu pakai kayu ke???

telur dua said...

And they talk about wanting to put up nuclear power plants.

Do they want a Chernobyl at our doorsteps?

telur dua said...

I'm afraid God is going to get blamed for this one.

Satu lagi tangung jawab Kerajaan @#$% BN.

A Toong said...

Reminds me of the Semi Value MRR2 flyover episode. It was a design and build contract with BumiHiway as the lead contractor (UMNO connected) and Zabima as the secondary partner (MIC connected). The appointed consultant was Semi Value related.

Cracks in the pier cross heads started to appear long before the end of the Defect Liability Period (DLP). However, the problems were only conveniently "revealed" to the public after the DLP.

Initially, there were statements made by politicians that the contractor will be made to bear the cost of repair if they are found liable. After months of investigations by JKR and German and British consultants, it was found that there was design deficiency in reinforcement detailing of the crossheads..

So? Not the fault of the contractor although it was a design and build contract ?? Well this is Malaysia or rather BN way of doing things..

Then Semi Value said that the cost of repair will be RM20 Million !

Repair work was given to the same contractor who made the mistake without much funfare!

Meanwhile the Kepong and Selayang folks suffered the nightmarish traffic jams..

The final repair bill came to a staggering RM70 Million !! Just for repairing 31 Nos cross heads !! More than 2 Million for one pier head !! Another of the .."opportunity in crisis" rip-off !!

How ? Why ? Where it the detail of the costing ?? No explanation at all..!!

And somemore..to rub salt into the wound..

The main player behind Bumihiway conveniently formed another company Harmony something.. and was promptly given another project; "The Seremban-Kuala Pilah Highway".. worth RM100 Million ! Check it out folks... the project is still underconstruction.. cos' it has been delayed for years !! Meanwhile, the Kuala Pilah folks suffer..

And the consultant for the MRR2 project Musuel something continued to get jobs from the PLUS ...

That is a classic example of "Satu Lagi Project oleh Kerajaan BN/UMNO"..

saji said...

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