Thursday, June 11, 2009

Many called for its abolition BUT UMNO-led BN government wants to increase the number in RELA - WHY?

Many have called for the abolition of RELA (this infamous volunteer corp) - but alas the government of Malaysia ears is not only deaf to this call - but there are plans to increase the number of these 'gun-totting' untrained volunteers to about 2.5 million by 2020.

There are presently less than 100,000 members of the Malaysian police - the main body of persons tasked with the duty of law enforcement. We really need to increase the number of police in this country..

We need professionally trained full-time public servants to be do law enforcement - not some volunteer corp.

Ask the question, why the UMNO-led BN government is so interested in increasing the numbers in RELA...but not so much in encouraging Malaysians to join the other existing volunteer groups

If they wanted more persons to come forward and become volunteers then they should have asked for more to join the volunteer police, the volunteer army/navy/air force, the volunteer fire department, volunteer civil defence force, the 'bulan sabit merah'(red cresent society) - yes, in Malaysia, we have so many options where volunteers can volunteer their services. And all these bodies are under the leadership and/or guidance of professionals who do give their volunteers intense trainings.

Why not get people to join these already existing volunteer groups?

Maybe, because these groups come under the responsibility of the IGP, the head of the army, etc - but RELA does not. This means that our UMNO-BN politicians can be the head of this RELA - and after all RELA is not a democratic body - and leaders can be appointed by the top. So, maybe RELA is the solution of UMNO-led BN to try reach out and recover lost political support from amongst especially the youth of Malaysia.

- Get them to go for that compulsory National Service - and then recruit them into what really is "UMNO-BN's RELA".
- Get them at the University and Institutes of Higher Learning..

The Ministry will continue to encourage youths, National Service trainees, students of Higher Learning Institutions to join Rela

RELA's 500,000 force is a big and powerful body - and being a uniformed body of sorts, they are expected to follow orders without question. Only UMNO and BN leaders will be permitted to influence the RELA. Will PAS, DAP, PKR or other persons be permitted to influence the RELA members? I do not think so...

The Home Ministry hopes to increase the number of Rela members from 556,286 (current figure) to 2.5 million by 2012 said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

The additional members comprising all races would not only strengthen Rela but also form a human wave made of volunteers to help achieve the 1Malaysia concept.

"Since there are a number of political, religious and racial issues, there need to be a bridge like Rela, to unite the people," he told reporters after a meet the people session organised by Rela here Friday.

Hishammuddin said according to statistics as of April 30, there are 556,286 Rela members (492,917 men and 63,369 women) and from the total, 346,352 were Malays, 84,849 Chinese and 25,899 Indians.

The Ministry will continue to encourage youths, National Service trainees, students of Higher Learning Institutions to join Rela, he said. - Bernama, 17/5/2009,
Home Ministry Targets 2.5 Million Rela Members By 2012
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