Monday, June 01, 2009

Even, if not chapel but a mosque or temple..we will fight to save it...

Fr Jean Claude questioned by police
Published on May 30 , 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: On May 22, Fr Jean-Claude Lourdes, the administrator for the Chapel of St John Triang was called in for questioning at the Triang Police Station. The Triang Chapel is an 83 year old chapel, that the Pahang Government is threatening to demolish.

This instruction allegedly came from the Inspector General of Police (IGP). When he reported at the Police Station at 2.30pm, he was made to wait until 4.00pm before he was questioned by a female officer in plainclothes whom he believes is a member of the Special Branch.

She asked him numerous questions on his family background as well as whether he had a criminal record. Fr Jean-Claude was also asked whether he was involved in any political parties and was he subscribing to any deviant practices.

They also asked him about the talk on Freedom and Religion given by Charles Hector on May 17 after the 4.00pm Mass. The police officer also asked how much he earned as a priest.

She then questioned him on the church collection, how much was the collection, what it is used for and so on. After forty-five minutes, Fr Jean-Claude was allowed to leave.

Fr Jean-Claude shared that even if it was not a Catholic chapel but a mosque or temple built on that land, he would support the cause as it has historical value and is an important landmark for the people of Triang. - Herald, 30/5/2009,

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amoker said...

Am really angry that they are trying the stunt again. They tried it last year to demolish the chapel. Also, the chapel in UPM. Even till today, they refused to allow electricity to be allowed in