Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe the States have to claim their rights - maybe time for State Police, that will come under the State Government directly..

What is happening to Malaysia under its new Prime Minister Najib?

Freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of association is being disrespected...

Even the legal DAP dinners hosted by the duly elected DAP MP for the area are being 'interfered' with..

Water cannons...PA Systems confiscated....speakers for the night not allowed to talk...

Police permits withdrawn at the eleventh the police...


Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government sponsored events also have had to have police approvals..

Who is in charge of the state - the democratically elected Pakatan Rakyat government or the police?

Maybe, time for Selangor to have its own state police - who will be under the State Government...

The interference of the Federal Government into matters within the State must stop...

Police today again intervened during a dinner-cum-ceramah by DAP, this time in Klang, by withdrawing a police permit for the event at the last minute.

After some intense negotiations with the police, the dinner was allowed to proceed at about 8.15pm, but the long list of speakers for the night were unable to proceed with their ceramah as the PA system was confiscated by the police.

Earlier, the police had issued a permit for the event but specified that no ceramah was allowed.

"Up to this year, this has never happened before. It is a given that our supporters can hear us speak while they eat," said a DAP party worker.

Since early this afternoon, seven water cannons were parked within the Taman Bayu Tinggi vicinity where the dinner was scheduled to take place.

The dinner was organised by Klang MP Charles Santiago, who said in his blog that the police had already cordoned off the area for the dinner at 4.45pm. - Malaysiakini, 21/6/2009,
Cops disrupt DAP dinner again
If this is happening to DAP, which is part of the State government, in an area with a DAP Mp - I wonder whether other opposition parties like PSM and Parti Rakyat Malaysia(PRM) will even have a chance to host 'ceramahs' and fund raising events....

What about Radio Stations...Television Stations - when will the opposition parties or the non-BN State Governments have the ability to get permits and run their own stations...

Is Malaysia really a democracy? Or has it now become a 'dictatorship'? or a Police State?


ahoo said...

Dear MP,

You are in an unenviable position as a Malaysian politician. We can feel the pain that you are going through and my advise : " carry it to full term " like an expentant mother for her child.

Thereafter, be prepared to suffer the birth pains and then the new bundle of joy will be indescriable to all who love democracy.

Let them continue the nonsense and we the people will duly act wise with our votes. That's the only resource left for us to make it known to those corrupted ones not only in the prdm but judiaciary as well. Your efforts and sacrifices will be rewarded when changes are restored to the many fallen pillars of democracy in Malaysia.

K L said...

Never mind this time ! We will make 100% sure that we shall vote Beend out of the parliament in the next election, esp the IGP !

DIASPORA said...

The necessary laws and legal provisions must be amended/created to bring into being Police Forces answerable to the People of the State and not to morons who seem to think ( because of low level passes in education but given high grades to create superirity feeling and then inducted into the Force to carry out menial duties) that they are superior to the State.

How does one get this message into their dumb heads that they work and serve the People who pay their wages and not the other way round.

Under such a system there would at least be competition amongst States to have a finer Police system vis-a-vis the other States.

The existing Police force could slowly be pensioned off or be given the marching orders as thast is the only SANE way to wipe out the endemic corruption in the Police Force.

What is most distressing is that the Policeman asks for money or dilly dallies with the issue at hand to negotiate a larger sum. He issues threats and fears of water boarding etc. To add insult to injury it is understood that the FEMALE of the species has also got itself fully engrossed in this lucrative shadow world. After taking the bribes, they rush ton the madrassas or mosques to show to one and all their piety. They use the corrupt money to buy food and thinfgs for the family and relatives. Surely such money must bring along in its wake sinful diseases like cancer and heart trouble etc. God is no fool to overlook these things that the CORRUPT do.

The American system of local Police and Sherrifs, State Police and a Federal FBI and Marshals may take time to implement but it is worth the try to rid this Nation of the corruption that seemingly will not end but just grow and grow.

Charles Hector said...

I am not Charles Santiago, the MP of Klang - I am Charles Hector Fernandez, a human rights advocate and activist. I do know the MP Charles for the over 20 years, and he is good chap.

In solidarity,

Charles Hector