Friday, December 10, 2010

Foreigner shot dead by police on Human Rights Day in Seremban (Berita Harian)

Well, as we celebrate Human Rights Day 2010, it is sad to learn that we have yet another victim killed by police. The allege that this 'foreigner' was shot and killed by the police while he was attempting to break into 2 houses.[How do they know that was attempting to break into 1 or 2 or 3 or more houses ...or whether he was  even attempting  to commit any crime.

The duty of the police is to arrest a suspect - not shoot and kill the suspect. Was this 'suspect' shooting at the police and the police was forced to retaliate and unfortunately in the crossfire, the 'suspect' died. 

Well, it is only a one line report which states: "SEREMBAN: Seorang lelaki warga asing ditembak mati polis ketika cuba memecah masuk dua rumah di Taman Desa Ros Ampangan di sini jam 4.15 pagi tadi." [SEREMBAN: A male foreign national was shot dead by the police whilst trying to break into 2 houses at Taman Desa Ros Ampangan here at 4.15 am.]  - Berita Harian, 10/12/2010, Warga asing ditembak mati ketika cuba pecah rumah

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Update:- Could be a report of the same incident?

A robber, believed to be a foreigner, was shot dead when he tried to attack police with a parang during a botched robbery attempt at a house in Taman Desa Ros, Ampangan, near Seremban this morning.

Negeri Sembilan police chief Osman Salleh said during the 4am incident, police who received information of an attempt by robbers to break into a house, arrived at the scene and found three suspects trying to cut through the fence of a house.

"When police arrived, the three suspects who were trying to cut through the fence tried to escape in different directions. However, one of them suddenly came charging at police with a parang.

"Despite repeated warnings, the suspect continued to charge and police had to shoot him. Two others managed to escape," he said adding that the body was later sent to the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital here.

"The suspect who was wearing a ski-mask and gloves had a parang and a screw driver with him.

"Police also found a cutter. We believe the suspects had come in a car and one of them was waiting in the car.

"The dead is believed to be a foreigner in his 30s because no identity documents were found on him," he said.

Osman said initial investigations revealed that they belonged to a group called 'Kumpulan Gemuk' comprising foreigners who had carried out a number of robberies in the area.

He added that the gang was believed to be involved in more than 26 armed robberies in Paroi and Rahang.

- Bernama - Malaysiakini, 10/12/2010, Robbery suspect shot dead


Unknown said...

Bravo police by doing your job well. Police job is NOT only arrest BUT to SHOOT if they resist. People like Charles will only sit at home do nothing and expect police provide them the safety. They don't care if the police is doing their job in danger or dying.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The public can congratulate the police if they (the police) did something right.
But when the police did something terribly wrong the public have virtually no avenues to appeal.
Complains will hit a thick wall of red tapes , denials and spin doctoring.

Charles is highlighting the high shooting rate as well as death in custody by the cops.
And in ALL shooting cases there is always a machete (parang).
Ain't it is insane to attack with a 16 inch parang when cops are now armed with Walther P99?

Is our police emulating what the Thai's police done during Thaksin's time. Hundreds of controversial shooting cases back then in Thailand done by the Thai's police.
Therefore all killings by cops must be scrutinize.

IPCMC is badly needed to protect both the cops and the public.
The IPCMC is the royal (Yang diPertuan Agung) recommendation to improve the services , welfare , discipline , integrity and standard of the Malaysian police.