Friday, December 31, 2010

A Christmas Hamper by the Police (SB?) for Mentakab Catholic Church - A sincere gift or something else..

It was interesting that 2 police officers, who identified themselves as coming from Special Branch, visited the Catholic Church in Mentakab just before Christmas and handed over a hamper for Christmas. [Source: Information given by parish priest during Christmas Day mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mentakab - 24/12/2010]

Why did they do this in 2010....but never before? Was it really just a Christmas gift....or was it something else? Was it an indication that the next General Elections is near...for after all the bad roads in Mentakab town is now speedily being repaired and tarred...? Was it a new policy of PDRM in its effort to get closer to the people? Wonder whether other churches, temples, mosques, suraus have also been getting such hampers?

But then, why identify yourselves as special branch officers - and not just police. Wonder where the money is coming from? Do the police have a special allocation for these hampers?
But...wait, this is also the parish in which the government wanted to demolish that over 80 years old church/chapel in Triang, Pahang - where the people protested against and finally the threats of demolition are no more - and there is silence. The land has not been given to the church ...nor has there been any formal letter stating that they will not demolish the church. [Remember, 3 lots in a row, i.e. A, B, C - where A & C are Church land, but B where the Church was even when the land was given to the Church was only leased out and then not renewed thereafter...It is a small lot, and in 1Malaysia so easily could that little piece of land be transfered to the church - but maybe it would not and will be used by BN forever to 'threathen' Christians to vote BN if not we will demolish....????]

So, was the giving of the hamper because of the Triang church issue? I wonder. The parish priest, a brave man, announced this gift to all who attended the Christmas mass..

Maybe, a bribe...and a threat... maybe just a sincere gift by the local police of Temerloh District.

Thank is good that the police not only improve relationships with local communities, but also do what is right always respecting human rights....

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