Friday, December 31, 2010

Malaysia needs thinking MPs, with ideas and initiative - not 'seat warmer' MPs

Many Members of Parliament are just happy being 'YBs' (Yang Berhormats). They do not take up causes or issues...and spend most of the time worrying about 're-elections' - and this would mean doing 'constituency work' - or just staying in the good books of the powerful party leaders...who will decide on who will be the candidate and who will not be?

Even in party elections, many do struggle to become Division leaders, State leaders,...maybe even members of the Supreme Council because they hope that they will become an MP...or maybe a Senator...or maybe a ADUN (Member of the State Legislative Assembly) or maybe just the Local Council. Why?...that is what many will not be able to answer. This is the problem not just at the level of government - but is also the same in student unions, Bar Councils - where there are a few (sometimes many) whose end object is just to assume a particular position. We really need to  be able to identify these characters...and push forward those who really have an agenda for change...for reformasi forward.

Let us look at the performance of current MPs? Do they even raise questions in Parliament or get involved in real debate (i.e. that have points) Name calling and 'boo-ing' does not count. Do they put forward questions?

MPs (and Senators) are allowed to put forward questions, and there are the Oral Questions (Soalan Lisan), and there is also the Written Questions (Soalan Bertulis). Of course, there is a skill when it comes to asking questions - and what we want are answers that force the government to give specific answers, not a general question that the good old Minister can just give a general answer....

MPs can also put forward Motions (Usuls) - which will be reflected in the Aturcara Mesyurat (Agenda of the Meetings) - which may not get discussed for lack of time or because of what the Speaker decided as important or not. But, it is there on the record - and, sadly many MPs do not table any motion.

Bill - that becomes Acts of Parliament, the law of the land. Well, a Member of Parliament could prepare and table a Private Members Bill. Pakatan Rakyat should be doing this, and even if it never gets discussed, it matters not for at least it was attempted - and is all ready when they take power after next GE. We do not want to be waiting for years for them to draft these Bills to repeal ISA, etc...

I peruses the Aturcara - and found again that Gwo-Burne Loh [ Kelana Jaya ]had an interesting motion to be discussed, but what about the rest of them Opposition MPs. Many will say that it is a waste of time - but I say, you at least have to try... His motion calls for Maaysia to consider complying with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution calling for an abolition of the death penalty, and pending that a moratorium on all executions...

Was it ever discussed? For that we have to look at the Hansard. Discussed or not is not the issue but the fact that this MP raised it for consideration is important. What do the other Pakatan Rakyat MPs want? Many embarrassingly have really nothing much to to echo the views of that party leaders all the time...Is that the kind of MPs we want? I do not think so - we need thinking MPs, who have ideas on needed reforms, and who will push their ideas,...

77. PR-1233-U41028
Tuan Gwo-Burne Loh [ Kelana Jaya ] akan mencadangkan:

"Bahawa Dewan ini mengambil ketetapan bahawa Kerajaan Malaysia
sebagai anggota Majlis Hak Asasi Manusia Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa
Bersatu dalam menguatkuasakan Resolusi 62/149 Pertubuhan Bangsa-
Bangsa Bersatu mengenai moratorium terhadap hukuman mati yang telah
dikuatkuasakan oleh Perhimpunan Agung Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa
Bersatu pada 18 Disember 2007 di mana negara-negara yang masih
mengamalkan hukuman mati diminta untuk menghentikan penggunaan
hukuman mati dan mengurangkan jumlah hukuman-hukuman yang
membawa hukuman mati secara berperingkat dan melaksanakan
moratorium terhadap kesemua hukuman-hukuman mati dengan hasrat
menghapuskan hukuman ini sama sekali. Maka dengan ini Dewan hendaklah mengambil ketetapan untuk meminta Kerajaan melalui
Kementerian Luar Negeri untuk membantu mematuhi moratorium tersebut
dan meminda undang-undang yang bercanggah dengan moratorium
(Menteri Luar Negeri)

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Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

True enough , we need MPs that are able to think for all , at this moment most of them are just as a chorus boy for their leader.

And this is a short video about foreign workers exploitation in Malaysia.
"Profit from Tears"

Sony and JR holdings are mentioned several times in the video as the culprits.