Wednesday, January 07, 2009

GAZA: It is not the 'Yahudi' but the Israel government/people and the Zionist

The Palestinian struggle is not just a Muslim struggle - it is the struggle of the Palestinian people, and they are a multi-religious people. The Palestinians are Muslims (the majority), Christians and Jews.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to see Yasser Araffat, the leader of the Palestinian people then when he came down to Kuala Lumpur. Of course UMNO Youth were close to the stage shouting slogans about Muslim struggle and 'jihad' but Araffat, when he came to the mike clarified that it was the struggle of the Palestinian people - and should not be made into the struggle of just any one religious group.

It is a struggle of the Palestinian is a struggle of Muslims, Christians and Jews (and all other people) for justice.

On the other side, we have the Israelites (i.e. the people of Israel), the Israeli government ... the Zionist regime which are the perpetrators of human rights of the people of Palestine.

It thus saddens me when even RTM 1 still makes it out that the pepetrators are 'Yahudi' (jews) - for this is very ignorant and wrong.

Let us at least in Malaysia get it right in our newspapers and electronic media - i.e. it is the Israelites (orang Israel), the Israel government, the Zionist regime... that are commiting great human rights violations on the people of Palestine (Muslim, Christian and Jews).


Anonymous said...

Do you shave any facts that can confirm on any Christians or Muslims in Israel that killing Muslims in Palestine? Zionist consists of Jews only. Arafat was a politician and of course he will say Palestine people instead of Muslims people only. How many % of Christians and Jews representing Palestine? Do you have facts that showing Christians and Jews were killed by Zionist? The facts is that the killings in Palestine and Israel were happening nothing other than to protect Muslims and Jews religious dispute at Baitulmuqaddis.

Tamerlane said...

I think confusion arises when zionism was created to promote the interest and aspirations of the jewish people and its insistance of being a JEWISH STATE. Fiurther confusion come into play when the zionist regine uses the name Israel and the star of david. Majority of its citizens are jews from outside palestine. To determine which one is zionist and jew with no zionist agenda is quite difficult. Despite all this, we must not be deceived into believing that this is a clash between muslims and jews. Zionism was created primarily by atheist jews and is along the line of national interest.

You mentioned orang ISrael or Israelites? What is that?Is abraham a jew? or Isaac or Ismael? What is a jew and what is an Israelite? Isnt israelite the descendants of Jacob? While his brother's are edomites? are the Israelites and edomites both jews or is the term can be applied exclusively to Israelites? If the first is correct, how many of them can claim descendant of Jacob? and is Jacob the rightful claimant to the land? Isnt Ishmael the firstborn of Abraham and didnt jacob steal the birthright of esau?

Anonymous said...

Its the same as when ppl refer to terrorist as islamic terrorist.Terrorism has no religion ppl even if they say they are doing it for a religion

Anonymous said...

it's so much true...

this is what the most malaysians dont understand. they tend to see, the palestine issues as a religion issue just bcoz the palestine situated in middle eastern. what they forgot, the middle eastern also comprised of multiracial and multireligious countries.

the main stream media sounds so political moved. what a sad thing....