Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why is DAP behaving like UMNO/BN? Freedom of Opinion and expression must be allowed

One DAP appointed Shah Alam City Councillor's made a call for the ban on lotttery sales - and the DAP is going to take disciplinary actions against him.

What happened to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression...

Does it mean that if you are a DAP MP, a DAP ADUN ...and now a DAP appointed Local Councillor, then you lose your freedom of opinion and expression... [Surely not only the DAP head honchos have a right to express their opinions. Surely, it does not mean that before you make any statement or 'call' - you must first refer to the party leadership and party policies...]

Soon, will action be taken against those who support good ideas/proposals that come from other political parties...

I hope not... I hope that this is just a case of 'bad reporting' by the NST...

Disciplinary action will be taken against a DAP councillor from Shah Alam over his call to ban all lottery sales in Selangor.

Party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Ang Leng Kiat's proposal was not the party's policy. He, however, did not elaborate on the kind of action to be taken.

Early this week, Ang proposed that the Shah Alam City Council withdraw licenses already issued and to discontinue the issuance of new permits to lottery outlets. He had also stressed that his suggestion was not related to political or religious considerations, but was solely aimed at solving social problems linked to gambling.

Selangor DAP chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah had since distanced the party from the decision. Ean, the Seri Kembangan assemblyman and Selangor state executive councillor, said any such ban would not eradicate social problems.

The party had requested Ang to retract his suggestion, as banning the lottery industry would create controversy. - New Straits Times, 21/1/2009, Action against DAP councillor who called for lottery ban

I am of the opinion that anyone and every person is entitled to his own right of opinion and has the freedom of expression.

This Ang Leng Kiat should not even be asked to withdraw his suggestion...that is his position, and he has a right to hold on to it or change it. What needs to be clarified is that Ang's statement does not reflect the official DAP position - and that has already been done by Lim Guan Eng.

If it is a political party member who makes a statement that is contrary to the party position - that should be allowed. Of course, the party leadership can come out and clarify that what was expressed was a personal position - not a party position. That is all - there should not be any disciplinary proceeding or action commenced against such individual.

When Guan Eng made a statement calling for the reduction of the number of lottery draws - was that in line with party position? Was there even any policy about lottery, and/or lottery draws within the DAP? I do not recall seeing a statement of various policies on various matters in the DAP website - maybe there should be something like that in the website of DAP...and maybe even all political parties - so that we all can clearly see what are your current policies on different matters. Transparency....

Last November, Lim had asked the government to consider reducing the number of lottery draws from 10 to six. He had said that he felt this was necessary as having 10 lottery draws a week was too many and that it would deplete the income of many families, especially in view of the current economic situation.

There are now three draws from Magnum, three from Damacai and four from Sports Toto in a week. - New Straits Times, 21/1/2009, Action against DAP councillor who called for lottery ban

Worse still was the fact that this was not even an MP or an ADUN - but a City Councillor. I did not know that we had DAP appointed councillors, PKR appointed councillors, etc - I thought it was all Pakatan Rakyat appointed councillors...Maybe Ang was 'appointed' by PAS or PKR - how did the NST know? In any event, Local Councils should be operating as Local Councillors irrespective of who proposed their name ...or got them appointed.

By the way, when will the Local Council elections be..or have Pakatan Rakyat forgotten about it...

When will we be having elections for the Penghulu, the Kampung/Kampung Baru/Taman heads and committees in the Pakatan Rakyat states...

We can also have elections for our Senators ... maybe the PR States should start...

We want greater democracy - which will also mean greater accountability and transparency...


Anonymous said...


agreed with you on the third vote.
However, I think we should all refrain from jumping the gun upon reading the NST, or any of the MSM for that matter. These MSM have the agenda of destroying the Pakatan Rakyat and as partisan tools, whatever they say should be matched by another source (non-partisan or from the other side) prior to whacking.
That said, going on watching PR will ensure it does not grow into the same cancer BN has become to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

You must be a joker.

Since when has any political party allowed unfettered freedom of speech? That's taking it a little too far to the point of absurdity and immaturity. You are sounding more like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum.

Tell me, since when has any political party in existence without a party whip? Why don't you set up your own political party and ensure there is no control over what may be said and who may say it? I bet you will be singing a diferent tune.

As a voter for DAP, I think you should indeed go and set up your own party. If you do not like DAP beacuse the majoriy of members in
are Chinese and its leaders are Chinese and not Indians, too bad. I do not like the smell of your agenda nor your motive. Really, why do you not set up your own party?

I'd like to see you print this letter to prove your belief in FREE and unfettered freedom of speech.

duagelasteh said...

Dear YB.,

You said:"I am of the opinion that anyone and every person is entitled to his own right of opinion and has the freedom of expression."

You are an idealistlah.

In Malaysian politics, whether you are in the establishment or opposition, you must toe the party lines (policies).

The party Taiko must rule his party men with iron-fist. Then only can he survive. Please read the struggles of LKY and YB Kit.

From Umno/BN, please read the iron-fist leaderships of Tun Razak, TDM, Tan Siew Sin,Lee San Choon,Dr Ling etc.

Where got freedom of speech for party men?

If everyone is allowed to air his view, the party cannot grow strong, and take over the Administrationlah!

Remember this MAXIM ( of a British Parliamentary leader): "We can say what we want. But we must all say the same thing."

So how could A COUNCILLOR speaks on behalf of DAP that no 'legal' gambling is allowed --among the Chinese & Indian non-Muslims only--in Shah Alam?

YB Kit, and now his son LGE, are all 'regimentalists'lah --as far as party matters/survival are concerned. They need to act firm.

Disciplinary action is also a must, though that Councillor's explanation will be heard fairly.

I have to remind you of the classicial Chinese proverb: KILL ONE TO DETER THE OTHER 100.

This is politic, man! Not "masak-masak" or "police sentry" game we used to plau when we were kids at kampung.


Anonymous said...

For a start, DAP should learn and differentiate between possible steps towards Talibanization and curbing social ills, the same manner how a person that does not eat pork may not be a Muslim but could be a 7th Day Adventist, a Jew or doing so out of health reasons. Same goes with seggregation of sexes in public transport, which is practiced not only in Iran but also in Japan.

Otherwise the 'majority of electorates' would get the wrong impression that DAP will do anything just to be different from the 'majority of electorates' even though it is good for the society.

casper c said...

In one broad overview CHector, do you have an inkling how much is wagered in the 'gray' economy - number forecast, horse racing plus football ???

Tanjong Plc(Ananda Krishnan's public listed entity that runs the tote) is the official bookie, but the amount wagered by various syndicates, individual bookies is four/five folds Tanjong's turnover.

My point being, there is a robust economy being driven underground - and all the while, legitimate taxes that can otherwise be collected is fueling unregulated bookmaking.

Think about it CHector, the millions if not billions of lost revenue that can be put to good use. Punters have no problems seeing their losses being put to good use - that much I can assure you. The HK Jockey Club is the biggest benefactor for the needy in Hong Kong and south of the border, S'pore govt legitimise football betting knowing full well the passion of fans and the amount wagered - the upside being a new revenue stream being put to good use.

Don't know what this DAP puritan is up to and I won't speculate but in these trying times when world commerce is in turmoil - making provision for 'sin tax' amongst punters should be a welcome stream of income for the govt. Again, punters don't have a problem with such an initiative and in fact, would welcome such a move to legitimise the industry.

Regards Charlie and all.

Nordin said...

Fu Manchu,

Are you suggesting DAP to be solely chinese party not party for all malaysians?

Secondly,the way you present your ideas is very telling of your thoughts and probable actions. If you persist to uphold your views you can forget the idea one day DAP will be part of the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

you are out of your mind or simply too stupid to tell the difference between freedom of speech and respecting policies or rules of party.
Tell me which party operates without any policies in place to govern it's administration?
Freedom of speech is entirely talking within the boundary of law and respecting others while expecting the same from others.
IT S NOT SHOOTING FROM THE HIP. Equating applying party rules on members to raced based party like UMNO is a testimony of how wrong and warp you understand freedom of speech.
It is amazing what you have been tought in school!!

Anonymous said...

i think in your haste to nail the DAP, u have agsin fallen prey to the MSM (NST) spin. Having read the NST article a number of times over, no where does it mentioned that disiplinary action will be taken by the DAP against its councillor who called for a ban on lottery sales in Shah Alam.

The opening paragragh of the NST article was not supported by any factual statements by any party leaders with regard to any action to be tasken against the councillor except to ask him to retract the call. So why have u to pick on this spin and make it into an issue to the extent of equating the DAP to UMNO behavior? No better issue to blog on ? Don't insult our intelligience n don't make your blog cheap, ok ?

Anonymous said...

freedom of speech and applyiny rules in legislating and running a state is TWO different thing. While you are entitle to say or do anything you want, you certainly are not entitle to apply whatsoever policies you simply see fit.
There is a huge difference between freedom of speech and governing based on party rules.Dont equate them together and get it all mixed up.
You obviously dont understand the meaning of freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...


Are you speaking of behalf of PR of PKR? Have they appointed you spokesman?

Just for argument sake however, who said that to be part of a ruling party like PR, a coalition member has to be multi-racial party?

Is PAS a true multi racial party? Is UMNO a multi racial party? MIC? MCA? PBB? USNO? The way ambitious politically minded Indians have been consistently painting DAP as "a Chinese dominated party" despite the fact that its history is that of multi racial character, perhaps DAP should be a solely Chinese party.

The way Indian writers keep taking cheap racial shots at Chinese, I think perhaps they are better off having their own party. Mr Mahathir may be right in this matter. Malaysia may not be ready for a truly multi racial political party in power.

Some people lack scruples no matter what party they belong to.

Anonymous said...

At the rate unscrupulous and arrogant Indians are abusing the freedom of the press to brazenly take swipes at the Chinese but "lick the ars*" of another race, I think nobody wants them in their parties such as PKR, PAS, and even Sarawak and Sabah-based parties. There are indications.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with eric. Nowadays I can't really my eyes what the will publish anymore. Take utusan for example. Really cannot tahan ... Publish totally different story or take the 'negative' part without the whole story.