Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Solve the problem of elderly Malaysians - and the 170,000 who may lose their jobs soon..

It would be good, if anyone out there have a solution as to what can be done to help look into the well-being and welfare of senior citizens in Malaysia, who are currently not covered by any pension plan. This would generally be current employees. The other category that need to be considered in the group that is currently self employed.

How do they deal with this concern in other countries? Is there some good model out there that we too can follow.

Maybe, persons after the age of 55, who are no longer employed or have no reasonable source of income should be paid monthly survival allowances.

Maybe, we should have free healthcare - so that all can afford.

Maybe, we should also have home-healthcare especially for the elderly who have difficulty traveling and getting to hospitals. Maybe, we should start having travelling doctors/medical assistants, who will be going round making regular visits to the elderly.

Maybe, we need cheaper public transport - and even special discounted rates for all elderly persons.

We need to start thinking about this - and putting in place the necessary structures and mechanisms from now on.

Subramaniam also said the government was considering the proposed pension plan for private sector retirees to overcome the problem of needy senior citizens.

"There are many facing financial difficulties, especially in the private sector. After they retire at 55, they receive an EPF payment of RM33,000. However, the money is all spent within a year or two," he said.

He said one source of the problem was the breakdown of the traditional extended family.

"Normally, they depend on their children to look after them, but this does not happen today. This creates a situation where poverty exists among senior citizens and they are forced to turn to the welfare department and Socso for assistance with the hope of qualifying for invalidity pension," he said.

He said that more than 80% of applicants for the disability pension did not qualify.

He expects the problem to get worse. "The lifespan of Malaysians is increasing to about 70 to 75 years. We need to ensure that they have financial freedom. The question is, how do we do that," said Subramaniam. - Sun, 18/1/2009 - 45,000 to be laid off, says Subramaniam

“The ministry is thinking about senior citizens who can no longer work and have used up their EPF money. We need a system to help them,” he said. - Star, 19/1/2008 -Another 45,000 hit by global slowdown

It is good that the UMNO-led BN government finally is showing some concern about this group of persons - the elderly. In good old America, persons in this category makes up the bulk of the homeless - the 4th world. We certainly do not want to be heading that way.

Our next concern is for those who are going to lose their jobs...income...The papers talked about 45,000 - but today in TV, they were talking about 170,000

When persons lose their job/s - or stop getting their pay - or start getting reduced pay - what happens? Many have fixed obligations - like paying off their car loan, paying off their housing loan - but wait, would default in payments mean legal action by the bank, repossession of cars, sale of homes,... Would it also not mean that persons, the borrower/guarantors may be made bankrupt. Would it mean water cuts, electricity cuts, telephone/internet cuts - and we all know that today it happens very fast - with all these companies also charging fees for re-connection? So, what is the government doing about this?


shankar~selina said...

Maybe you folks should stop listening to the dingbat Mahathir and work where you can. Meanwhile Mahathir should join his daughter and start reading the Koran to redeem himself.

stanley said...

What about the disable and the amount of school children not in school because of poverty (cant afford evan to buy shoes what else) can the PIBG fund collected be use to help the poverty