Tuesday, January 06, 2009

KT :- Do people vote for the person, or the party they stand under?

Who do we vote for?

Party or Person?

With regards to the BN, for a very long time, there was this saying that people vote for the party - so much so, even if it is a 'kambing'(goat) standing as BN candidate - he will get the votes that were cast for BN.

What about Pakatan Rakyat? Does the same apply - or do people also consider the candidate?

Do people vote and choose the person as their 'wakil rakyat' ...their MP or ADUN?

Or do people choose the party or symbol that they stand under?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Wahai BN, kenapa petugas2 pengiraan kertas undi pilihanraya Mac lalu dikawasan Puchong/Serdang, Selangor tidak dibayar elaun sehingga kini seperti yang dijanjikan oleh SPR? Kemana perginya wang tersebut?

Charles Hector said...

2 Comments that I received by e-mail:-

Comment 1:
I think For Malay voters, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and Husam Musa instead of
Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar Ibrahim is only the Idol for Indian Community without Indian support
PKR is Nothing!.

To many PKR Malay leaders are those who are disppaointed in UMNO, they are
the fall guys within the system.

PKR is no different from UMNO!

Comment 2:>>
> In Pakatan - you can put any candidate [even a kambing] but the people
> will vote for it because ANWAR IBRAHIM is there.
> People in Pakatan try their best to dismiss this, but the sentiments on the
> ground speak for themselves - ANWAR is the winning factor behind Pakatan.
> This was partly true in GE12 - partly negativity voting against BN, and
> partly voting for the Anwar factor.
> Another thing, Pakatan are yet to have a logo/symbol - go to KT today and
> all over town it's BN logo vs. PAS logo.
> Check out pictures of the KT campaign: