Monday, January 19, 2009

Should Malaysia boycott the US Presidential inaugration?

I am thinking that Malaysia must clearly indicate its protest in the part that the US have been playing in the Palestinian crisis - where so many innocent lives could have been saved if the US had acted justly.

One way that Malaysia can demonstrate its unhappiness is by not attending the next US President's inauguration. After all, Obama was also pretty silent on the Gaza crisis - when hundreds were being killed - 1, 300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis.

For at least 12 hours tomorrow, Ilango Karuppannan will be the envy of many Malaysians.

The Charge d’Affaires of the Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC will proudly represent Malaysia at the historic inauguration of Barack Obama at Capitol Hill.

Later in the evening, he will attend a ball where the guest list consists of the “who’s who” of Washington.

Ilango: ‘I am indeed blessed to represent Malaysia.

“I am indeed blessed to represent Malaysia,” said Ilango, who will be going to the ceremony with his wife Nirmala Devi. - Star, 19/1/2009 - Ilango to represent Malaysia at Obama’s inauguration

Or is the fact that our PM, DPM or any other Minister is not going already the 'protest' by Malaysia...

I also note that there is some book launch coming up on or about 21/1/2009 where the US Ambassador is the guest of honour - should we not give this US Government this honour in protest of the role played by the US in the recent Gaza Crisis - and the whole Palestinian issue?


Anonymous said...

Obama has said it clearly, "there can only be one President at a time".
In fact, now we see Israel committing to a pull-out of troops by Inauguration Day.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how come there is selective criminalization for America/Israel only. Not that I support any act of cruelty towards mankind- be it Pelestinians or Israelis or Zimbabweans..
I wish people like you protest to malaysian policy of welcoming/ allowing Mugabe into the country (when the rest of the Western countires are not)for the act of his cruelty towards his people.
The people are suffering; More than 2,000 people have died just becuase of cholera- a desease easily controlled by supply of clean water. That is excluding deaths caused by his political 'deeds'. The lack basic needs such as water for living in Zimbabwe is unthinkable...and here in Malaysia he is enjoying holiday with his wife.
Yet some malaysians were wanting a ban on Chelsea tour to malaysia just because of some Jew memebrs in the team.
We should speak in one voice.It is a humanitarian crisiss we should fight for not based on any specific group only

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you Charles. I think Obama deserves a chance to be in office first before we start protesting against him as a President. He needs time to get his advisors, cabinet and other staff in order. He has made some comments about the crises, but I would imagine he's going to need a little time to get familiar with all the facts and all the options he has as a President. If you ask me, it was very cunning of Israel to launch these attacks during the transition of leadership both in the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. All the pieces are not quite in place for the U.S. government to move ahead effectively with changes in policy until the last piece - Obama assuming office- is in place. Then the legislature (new senators and representatives) and executive (which includes the new cabinet members) can start doing any policy changes or concrete actions. Along similar lines, would it be fair of us to quickly judge PR on many issues right after an election or give them some time transition and work through problems? That's 8-9 months after assuming office! Obama's not even in office yet. If you would like that courtesy for yourself, how about extending it to others in a similar situation?

Anonymous said...

You must be out of your mind for following the wrong music.

Anonymous said...

Finally,just because the Gaza issue and Hindraf,an Indian got opportunity to represent Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Prior to the 44th US presidential inauguration on Jan 20, President-elect Barack Obama boarded a train on Saturday with the route from the nation’s birth place, Philadelphia, to the nation’s capital, Washington DC. We heard the crowds cheering along the way of the train route.

It was just a totally different scenario as what we observed in Malaysia. We saw the deputy president of UMNO, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam “kena boo” by the opposition party’s supporters, during his visit to Kuala Terengganu on the polling day.

Oops, not a good day to start for datuk, and definitely not a good day to end.

When asked about the incident, Mohd Ali claimed that he was “kecewa dengan tindakan penyokong pembangkang yang terlalu ramai berkumpul di kawasan pusat pengundi sekolah berkenaan.” (Malaysiakini, “Ali Rustam kena ‘boo’ di KT”, Jan 17, 2009)

Well, sounds like he was okay with having UMNO’s supporters in the area – double standard?

I wondered if he would be even more disappointed if he got thrown a shoe, worse with multiple shoes?

Let’s get back to the topic. What I want to say is that we have seen Malaysians throughout the country calling for change. It’s a fundamental change that they are zealous about, not just some “reformed”, “independent”, “anti-corruption” commissions, e.g. Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC), and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) bills, that were alleged by our premier to “bring back confidence of the public in the judiciary” and to “increase competitiveness and attract more foreign investors.” (Themalaysianinsider, “PM declares victory for his reforms”, Dec 17, 2008)

Regardless of the ability of the two bills to restore national and international confidence on the integrity, impartiality, and independence of the key institutes in Malaysia, there are some root causes that our premier had failed to acknowledge. Cronyism within BN, draconian laws to silence lawful dissents, power abuse of national resources, failure of handling governmental contracts, unprofessional and laughable misconducts in the parliament, corrupted judicial and police system, not-so-free media, etc., have been widely criticized by the public regarding the incumbent administration.

Former premier Dr Mahathir responded that the failure of UMNO in the KT by-election was a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Abdullah Badawi, and Najib was not to be blamed for the loss. (Malaysiakini, “Vote of no confidence against Pak Lah”, Jan 18, 2009)

But listen to what Dr Mahathir said about the deputy PM in the previous interview, “He (Najib) always merely says ‘I support’, ‘I am very touched’. He never says anything about the people’s wishes.” (Thestar, Dr M: Muhyiddin can beat Najib, July 16, 2008)

However, the former de facto law minister, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, back-fired on Mahathir, said “You (Mahathir) have destroyed the fabric of our lives as a democracy. Have you not done enough?” (Themalaysianinsider, “Zaid: Mahathir is back in power with Najib”, Oct 11, 2008)

“Why would someone trained and schooled by Dr Mahathir introduce reforms? Have you heard Najib speak of reforms?... You had 23 years of Dr Mahathir, so let’s say Najib lasts for 10 years as PM with Mahathir behind him. That means a total of 33 years under Dr Mahathir,” said Zaid during the same interview.

On the next day, Mahathir revealed his true motive.

“If asked, I would be willing to serve for free (for the panel of advisers for Najib).” (Thestar, “Dr M still speaking his mind”, Oct 12, 2008)

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah responded on the loss of UMNO in the KT by-election. “A party leadership in denial is unlikely to form a government with the realism and guts to face an economic meltdown that it also denies is happening. We are in uncharted waters with no one at the wheel.” (Malaysiakini, “Third humiliation in 10 months”, Jan 18, 2009)

What we know for sure is that majority of Malaysians have rejected not just UMNO but Barisan National based on the three “humiliations” in a row. The current ruling coalition has failed to meet the needs of the rakyat, and worst, have failed to unite the nation. That’s why we see the multiple campaigns held by the public to call for change. And that’s why we see the tremendous crowds wherever the ceramah held by the opposition leaders. But sadly, the ignorant yet arrogant incumbent administration still doesn’t wake up!

Sure enough, the rakyat would not expect a better change to reach upon Malaysia with Najib taking over the number one post in a couple months.

Allow me to borrow a line from Barack Obama. “Let’s make sure this election is not the end we do to change America (Malaysia), but just the beginning.”

We have seen Barack Obama’s popularity grows as the inauguration nears. Would we see the same for Najib? Would we expect a vote of no confidence in Najib’s administration?

Every nation has her problems, but there is hope if someone is able to unite the nation.

GreenBug said...

Why are we all always talking about boycotting this and boycotting that. It is so childish. Do you think 1 Malaysian diplomat missing will stop the inaugaration ceremony and make America (and the rest of the world) stand up and take notice? C'mon lah, lets stop all these chest-beating hullubaloo and think and act positive and use constructive engagement to resolve matters.

Anonymous said...

It is disgraceful that you have joined a despot like mahatir in calling for a boycott of america. stop the selective condemnation of israel just like most of our misguided muslim brothers in malaysia. The terrorist organization HAMAS is totally responsible for the current plight of the Palestinians. Nothing will change and more blood will flow on the Palestinian side until they realize that rockets and armed resistance is futile. They can continue to dream of driving the Jews into the sea for many more generations.....

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to prove by action that he is not aligned to any of Palestine or Israel but i doubt about it because he has strong support from Jews and Israel government prior to his election and policies. I hope Obama can against the odd and prove to the world that he is really meant the real change for his country and world otherwise i just look at another rhetoric from another President of US to sell his stories.

shankar~selina said...

Hey Charlie, You think the US really cares if you boycott the inauguration? What an attitude you have if you represent the Malaysians.If you REALLY want to make a point, close your Embassy and stop trading with the US. If that cannot be done, then stop wasting your bandwidth. So how the Indians doing in Malaysia? Hope you answer or block it.