Monday, July 07, 2008

6th July - Peoples' Protest, Political Rally or just a Pesta...?

They want to express themselves --- utilize their full freedom of expression to express their discontent about the recent price-hikes in fuel and other items that has occurred by reason of the direct action of the Barisan Nasional government. Prices sky-rocketed when the BN government suddenly removed the subsidies causing prices of petrol to increase by about 40%.

Now, when I want to express my protest - I want to express it publicly to the government of the day, in the sight of other Malaysians who may yet not agree with me (or are just scared of the consequences of expressing yourself)

I certainly do not want to express my protest to just amongst others who are also protesting... certainly not in an isolated stadium somewhere in Petaling Jaya with my fellow protesters -

Even that field in front of the AMCORP Mall would have been so much better...for the people of PJ who frequent the mall, travel along the roads and the adjoining areas would be able to see my protest...

My protest is about the fuel-hike ....and it is "MY PROTEST" - not anybody else's protest.

I may be a UMNO member, an MIC member, a DAP member or even just an ordinary Malaysian without any party membership (which is the case with the majority of Malaysians) - and surely I would prefer not to be seen at any protest organized by some political party coalition and/or their agents or another...would I, now?

The problem with the 6th July protest was that it was too associated with the opposition (no now-in-5 state-governments) coalition of political parties.

The problem with the 6th July protest was that it was more a carnival, a pesta...than a real protest..

The problem with the 6th July protest was that it was in a Stadium and it was for far too long - the whole of Sunday (and people have things to do on Sunday, and Sunday really is not very practical for the 'protestor' from some other place than Klang Valley..

Previous protest are held on a Saturday evening -- and it was just for a couple of hours - and it is something people from other States can come & participate in..

This is the protest of the RAKYAT - the people --- and all them political parties, NGOs should be just playing a supporting role -- that is all.

Was it a political rally of the Pakatan Rakyat --- or was it a Pesta with concert and singers exposing their boxer shorts --- or was it a protest of the Rakyat?

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