Saturday, July 26, 2008

Najib's cockiness is pathetic

Najib's cockiness is really pathetic - he is talking about the support that he expects when he is Prime Minister and President of UMNO in 2 years time..

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he needed the cooperation of all quarters to strengthen the Barisan Nasional and Umno after taking over as Prime Minister and party president in 2011. - Star Online, 26/7/2008 -Najib hopes for support of all when he takes over as premier
Hell0 - the UMNO members have yet to have their say - as to whether they even want you as the next President of UMNO.

You, Najib, and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may have reached some agreement - and the current Supreme Council may agree with you (or some may just respect that it was the majority decision but may not agree). Either way, before the year ends, we will all be seeing a new UMNO Supreme Council....and would that new Supreme Council still want you as the next President or PM?

Hello, maybe even the BN may not be the government any more - and there will be no Prime Ministership for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to hand over to you. Only, he will be able to hand over the Presidency of UMNO.

Remember, that Mahathir also did not want you as his Deputy despite the fact that you were then the Vice President with the highest votes - he chose Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over you as the Deputy Prime Minister...

And then, when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became Prime Minister - the delay in naming and appointing you the Deputy Prime Minister tells a lot. It would be indicative that he too would have preferred some one else... In fact, it seems that Najib is aware of how Abdullah Ahmad Badawi feels about him, when he is quoted in Star saying:-

“I hope Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) will continue to support me in the future although he may not hold office then,” he said in his speech when opening of the Fifth Ex-Assemblymen Council’s (Mubarak) general assembly at a hotel here last night.- Star Online, 26/7/2008 -Najib hopes for support of all when he takes over as premier

Now with all these allegations floating around linking you (and your wife) to that Altantuya affair/murder, etc..., do you still believe that the members of UMNO and the people of Malaysia would still want you as the next President of UMNO, or the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Well, some in UMNO seem to prefer some other people to be the next President. The Desa Jaya branchof the Johor Bahru Umno division unanimously passed a motion recommending Muhyiddin as the party president on July 19

The time is ripe that a leader from Johor - Umno’s birthplace - be nominated as party president, said Desa Jaya Umno branch head Abdul Muhamad Talib Ngah....“The time has come for someone from Johor to be party president. Muhyiddin Yassin is the person fit for the post...“He has shown that he has the capabilities to perform his duties entrusted upon him thus far,” Muhamad Talib told Malaysiakini. - Malaysiakini, 26/7/2008 - 'Johorean's turn to lead Umno'

So, Najib it may be really pre-mature for you to start behaving as though you will be next President of UMNO --- or the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I really believe that it will be really better if the people of Malaysia can chose the Prime Minister of Malaysia - just like the people of US chooses their President.


Anonymous said...

Premiership is his birthright!

Nostradamus said...

17. The next PM of Malaysia will follow R.A.H.M.A.N theory? (Fact).
17. PM Malaysia yang berikutnya akan mengikuti teori R.A.H.M.A.N? (Fakta).

Quatrain 17

In the month of summer games
When leaders are chosen and thrown away
Man starts to think again
Power, Gold and Glory to gain

Problems to glory are but hindrances
To be solve is such a simple game
Sleeping partner is to be cast away
Expendable are those as such before

Ronald K. Pillai said...

Whichever way Umno will be history.
Pakatan will lead the way for democracy.Anwar will be PM.

Unfiltered-Madness said...




Starmandala said...

After watching Najib closely on (I refer specifically to the press conference in which he dismisses RPK's 18 June SD as "total rubbish") I'm convinced the guy was body-snatched at a tender age and is no longer present in his own body. In fact, it's a similar situation to George W. Bush, another scion of a high-powered political bloodline, whose responses hardly appear human. It's as though these people have been killed and stuffed so they can become living puppets of political power, controlled by invisible hands; but they themselves have no human feelings nor are they capable of remorse, compassion, or a spontaneous change of heart. The very idea of Najib as PM makes me shudder! Banish the thought!

Anonymous said...

Ya I totally agree with you, real cocky, makes u puke, doesn't it? sigh That's how it is with BN leaders, over confidence of the wrong kind!

Anonymous said...

NAJIB? this year's X'mas present should be a HUGH piece of 'MIRROR" for him. Surely, Malaysian and Umno members can't possibly let that happen. Puke!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Najib stop dreaming, you will never ever become the next P.M..
Consider yourself very very lucky to even become the deputy !