Sunday, July 13, 2008

Again covering up and protecting TOP people by using ISA. and national security

The arrest of allegedly 'corrupt' immigration officers is not new - it has happened so many times over --- BUT the problem is that they, who are arrested, are never charged and tried in an open court. Mind you, in the past even the former head of a State National Registration Department and head of a state Immigration Department have been arrested - yes the medium and small officers have been arrested before as well.

And then it is all "COVERED-UP".... using the "national security" reasons..

And, it is happening again according to recent Malaysiakini report, 12/7/2008:- "Immigration graft a 'national security problem': ACA chief."

"The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) said today rampant corruption at the immigration department was a national security problem following the arrest of seven people.Among those detained was a top immigration official who allegedly issued visas to foreign workers in exchange for money, reports said..."It goes right to the top. It involves the public, foreigners, government officers and also syndicates..."This actually involves national security ... and the problem is throughout the country. We have arrested a number of people and we expect to pick up more soon," Ahmad told reporters in Penang..."

WHY? Because it goes right to the top.... and as such, the always end-up using that draconian Internal Security Act -- claiming that it is a 'national security problem'.

The other reason sometimes is that the 'real culprits' are not arrested and sometimes some are others are picked up and detained under the ISA and released -- for show, I say until there really is a fair and open trial.

Yes, many complaints about issuance of PR and NRIC to foreigners - again SAPP has raised this. HINDRAF brought to light to odd decrease of Indians over the years since Merdeka - same too with the Chinese percentage in the Malaysian population.

Now, to show that the government is acting against those that are guilty - some of these Immigration Officers (and National Registration Department officers) are arrested, detained and then not accorded a trial. Off they are sent off to detention under the law that allows for Detention Without Trial.

Them, who are arrested and detained, do not also have the chance to show that the allegations against them are FALSE and/or are baseless. WHY? Because the law was amended so much so that the court do not have the power to review the alleged reasons for the arrest/detention.

Again, the ACA has started talking about "National Security" -- and yet again they may resort to using the ISA. Yet again, some innocent scapegoats may end up in detention - with any real ability/opportunity to legally challenge their accussers.

I say, charge them all -- and if some people in the top (be it Najib or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi), do not suppress that information, Mr Policeman and Mr Prosecutor. In fact, go forward and charge these "top" people as well. Equality before the law.... remember that.

Charge them - allow them to defend themselves - give them a Fair and Open Trial - and make sure the police and the prosecutors do not 'HIDE' facts and evidence to protect these 'right up to the top'

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak are the people right at the top - and so we will have to take that they are the ones that the ACA is talking about UNTIL ... they tell us who there persons are..and charge them too.

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