Friday, July 18, 2008

PM, are you involved in the Anwar investiagations?

Saiful made a police report allegedly stating that Anwar sodomized him - but then nobody seem to know what that police report says...what really is the content of the report remains a mystery to most, save the police, the complainant(and maybe Khairy, Syed Hamid and the PM). The WHY is worrying.

The fact that Anwar is not even provided the alleged police report makes it really odd - a police report (and this the First Information Report). The media seem to have gone to town stating that report alleges that Saiful was sodomized by Anwar - but what is the source? Did they see the report themselves? Did the police or Saiful tell the media? (I do not recollect really - matters not now anymore..)

Anwar(and/or others) who have or are going to be called in should at the very least have had access to this report, the basis for the commencement of the investigation.

Remember, we are not talking about the more detailed statement that the police will usually record from the complainant. We are talking about just the police report..)

It is a police investigation -- and it is shocking that BN MPs (including the son in law of the premier), Ministers and the now the Prime Minisiter is getting involved in what should be just a POLICE Investigation...

The authorities require a fresh DNA sample from Anwar Ibrahim because the sample extracted 10 years ago is too old, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today.


"So we are asking for a new sample," he told a press conference in Putrajaya. - Malaysiakini, 18/7/2008 , Existing DNA sample too old, says PM

So, WE are asking ....not the police are asking but "we are asking..." - this is getting really odd, and now it looks like good old Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has joint the police investigation team --maybe will also be part of the prosecution -- and maybe even the Judge indirectly ...

Come on Mr Prime Minister, you just stepped over the line - and this just supports even more that 'conspiracy theory' that seems to be developing....

We all do not know the facts -- even what really has been alleged by the said Saiful person..., but let me just be hypothetical... and maybe even make some suggestions as to how we can move forward and satisfy the concerns/fears of all concerned.

a) First, there must be immediate disclosure and access to the police report of the said complainant.

b) Second, there must be an immediate taking of another statement from the said Saiful as to what really happened not by the police (which would have been done by now) - but maybe by a Magistrate/Judge - something in the nature of a deposition in court.

What I mean, is that it must be a statement recorded in court, also in the presence of the lawyers of the said Anwar... and locked away in some 'court-safe' so that it cannot be changed later. (Maybe, there should also be video with audio recording also done, and the recorded tape/disc should immediately be handed over to court for safe-keeping.) If court is a problem, maybe the Bar Council (or even SUHAKAM) could assist here..

This will prevent allegations of later changing of the story/statement based on the 'evidence that were manufactured to get Anwar' (for that seems to be the Anwar's concern/fear)

c) Third, it must be disclosed the actual nature of the sodomy - and whether there is any medical evidence that supports the claim made by the complainant... (and if there are no direct evidence, whether there are some circumstantial evidence at least...)

d) Since they measured Anwar's private parts, let's assume that his private parts are involved... - Gone now is the ability for the defence to ask Saiful about that tattoo or that birth-mark (or absence of it) on the private parts of the suspect/accussed -- and then demonstrate the opposite is true hence shattering the credibility of the complainant
- Gone too the weight and the strength of the testimony of the complainant describing accurately the markings on the private parts (for after all, you who saw when examination and measurement was done can tell the complainant)

e) Next, were there any semen or body fluids (DNA) of another found on/in the body of the complainant, or on the bed or at the alleged place of the said crime? If yes, can we isolate these samples now, do the necessary DNA tests and provide the results immediately to Anwar (and/or his lawyers) first.. and to the court (or some independent body like the Bar Council, maybe) for safekeeping.

WHY? The concern of Anwar seems to be, that if I give you my sample now, you will use it ...maybe place it here (and there), maybe on some mattress, etc.... so, if what is proposed is done first before the taking of any new DNA sample from Anwar, then what is feared would not be able to be done easily(or would it still be)

After all, Anwar's DNA sample cannot change - and, later when he gives it, and it is analyzed, we will all be able to see if it matches with what was found... (If it matches, then things would not be looking too good for Anwar, would it now?...)

If this was done, I believe Anwar's concern may be put to rest - and the police would also be able to verify quickly whether Anwar's DNA matches with the samples they found on/in the person of the complainant/bed/place where the alleged incident took place..END of STORY.

I believe, what has been suggested would work.... but then, it is merely a suggestion...

I am also rather about perturbed about this calling for the taking of DNA sample - coming from Khairy Jamaludin (PM's son-in-law), Syed Hamid (the Home Minister).....and now the Prime Minister.

But the question that the police must answer first, is whether there were body fluids of a third party found on/in the complainant, the bed or the place the crime is alleged to have taken place - for if there was none, then all this hoo-hah about DNA is not just a waste of time, and also will be a 'torture' of Anwar Ibrahim.

The way, Khairy, Syed and Abdullah are asking for DNA samples, it looks like they may have seen (or do know) the contents of the police report...

A commotion occurred during the Dewan Rakyat sitting today when Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) asked Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to give his DNA sample to the police to assist in the investigation into the allegation of sodomy against him. “We can’t force anyone to give their DNA sample (but) if he (Anwar) is not afraid of the truth, I hope he (Anwar) will be present (at the Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarters), and if he dares, give the DNA sample to test whether the police report was correct or wrong. - New Straits Times Online, 16/7/2008 -Commotion in Dewan Rakyat when Khairy asks Anwar to give DNA sample
Mr Syed Hamid criticised Mr Anwar for not giving a blood sample, saying that if he was interested in determining the truth, "simply give the DNA and let the experts read the DNA". -, 17/7/2008, -It's a vendetta, says Anwar

But then, what an expert said about DNA should also be taken into consideration. Well preserved body fluids from the last time could still be used...And really, it is not that difficult getting body fluids, is it not??

"Saliva, blood and seminal stains when stored in proper conditions can be preserved - by not exposing the sample to rain, sunlight and other natural elements," he told Malaysiakini.

"It could be kept at room temperature like in a cupboard," he added. - Malaysiakini, 18/7/2008, Expert: Specimen can be conserved for years

All kinds of allegations are floating around about Anwar and Sodomy BUT most Malaysians really want to know the TRUTH...the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

Many Malaysians also hope that all this will go away very fast because it distracts all of us from the more real issues affecting the people - the price hikes, the increased prices -- and the growing suffering of the people.

So, Mr Policeman, do your job professionally... and Mr. PM, Mr. Ministers, YBs, YABs just let the police get on with their job...

YAB Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - be reminded that you are not part of the investigation team, and there is no need for you to speak for the police....OR am I wrong - for you really are "head" of this Police Investigation involving Anwar Ibrahim, the one who boasted that he will oust you as PM come September 16...?


Malaysian Malaysia said...

You wrote a clear explicit legal evidence that could be fabricated to strengthen the Prosecution case.

Well done..

Anonymous said...

Chales Hector, We, RAKYAT agreed with you 101% and we want TOTAL TRAMSPERANCY otherwise we consider as CONSPIRACY! Why so afraid to show RAKYAT the Saiful REPORT, may the RAKYAT ask syed hamid albar, the home minister? If PM.his SIL and others ministers started giving this kind of statements, We, RAKYAT will consider as CONSPIRACY.

Anonymous said...

Chales Hector, We, RAKYAT agreed with you 101% and we want TOTAL TRAMSPERANCY otherwise we consider as CONSPIRACY! Why so afraid to show RAKYAT the Saiful REPORT, may the RAKYAT ask syed hamid albar, the home minister? If PM.his SIL and others ministers started giving this kind of statements, We, RAKYAT will consider as CONSPIRACY.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian police, are they real? To me they are more like Pasukan keselamatan barisan Nasional. Unfortunately the Malaysian taxpayer are con to pay their wages. But then The Malaysian lot are the ignorama lot. BN rule Malaysia for 50 years, can`t they think and see of the situation. The whole of Malaysian are selfish,thoughtless ,and Intolerence. They only think for themselves,as long as they get what they want who cares about others. Malaysia will never change if the attitude never change. Their attitude is always `WHAT`s FOR ME?` So despite the effort of DSI BARISAN NASIONAL will come back in the next ellection.look at the electorae, PR is only in state for less than 6 months with limited resources already a miricale is expeted of them. They never think who really hold the purse. Forget about Malaysia Bolih, Malaysian Bodoh May Be.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah still too sleepy reading any reports. He will ask KJ to read for him in bed.

Anyway, Pak Lah is too OLD for already for PM must change for a new BODY & MIND and new DNA.

Anonymous said...

Tuduhan terhadap Pm oleh sebahagian besar rakyat yang kononnya terlibat dalam konsipirasi ini semakin merunsingkan. Sepatutnya PM dan para menteri kabinet mengambil pendirian "berkecuali" dalam kes ini. Tidak keluarkan kenyataan yang seolah-olah Anwar sudah bersalah. Lebih baik jangan keluarkan sebarang kenyataan. .... Lebih selamat!!. Tegakkan undang-undang. Anwar ada sebab-sebab munasabah.. kenapa tidak sebarangan memberikan DNA.. sebab dulu pun DNA sudah pernah disalah-gunakan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu. PM, harus tahu... harapan terakhir rakyat adalah pendirian PM. Saya masih percaya , PM tiada penglibatan dalam kes Anwar . Perkara yang menguatkan teori konsipirasi adalah kerana orang-orang yang terlibat dalam kes Anwar dulu juga terlibat dalam kes sekarang ini. Dulu pun Tun Mahathir sudah berjanji bahawa kes Anwar diurus secara proffesional tetapi akhirnya...apa , DNA kepunyaan 'disalah-gunakan' . Jikalau trajedi yang berlaku kepada Anwar ditimpakan dengan sengaja kepada PM atau menteri-menteri kabinet atau rakyat amnya...apa perasaan kita...pasti apa yang Anwar rasai kita pun rasai ...iaitu "tiada keadilan" atau "kejam".
Apa pasal tidak memberi salinan laporan Saiful kepada Anwar. Kenapa memperlambat-lambatkan pemberian salinan tuduhan Saiful itu kepada lawyer-lawyer Anwar?????????? Saya merayu kepada PM.. berjuanglah untuk membela nasib rakyat. Buat kenyataan berkecuali..tanpa berat sebelah! Kenyataan yang Tidak memihak kepada satu pihak. Saya percaya Pm masih jujur dan berkecuali dalam hal kes Anwar ini. May God bless u richly.

jenn v ariela said...

100% Logical! Thanks for Great Job & Facts, hats of to Charles Hector!!

Why P. Minister, Najib, Khairy, Mukhriz, Datuk Leow, Syed Hamid and gangs get so much involved with such issues?? rather than solving more crucial important economic issues effectively??? Are they too free (terlalu lapang)nothing else to concerntrate with? or are IGP, police force and the CSI medical examiners in Malaysia all bunch of idiots??? Why employ so many idiots staffs and wasting so muc public's fund and creating so many inconvieniences to the public??? What say you PM?

jenn v ariela said...

The more Ministers comments and get involves to Anwars case is the more they create the jokers and clowns image to Malaysia, looks like a bunch of jokers and clowns governing the country...Think about it seriously Ministers...

Anonymous said...

My dear Mr Hector,
Are you still living in Malaysia? If so you shluld know by now that all the stuff said by our beloved PM, his SIL and his ministers can only take place in this country which we lovingly call Bolehland. All your suggestions on how to handle the DNA, etc while sounds good cannot take place here. You and the toothless Bar Council and Suhakam, etc can only make noise but those in the Corridors of Powere will do anything they want to cling on to power. But I must still give you credit for raising these issues which is better than many other people who have the ability to make comments yet prefer to sit on the fence and wait,perhaps that is until their own balls get skewered.

Anonymous said...

This is this ín law' team, SIL & FIL. We have also outlaw, above law and below law, but they are simply in law! But really i think they are bo-doh...

Seriuosly, old guy care not. Why? he is leaving 2010 rite?. If the end justify the mean, our friend will be in jail anyhow, but the rakyat lost all the little confident thay still have. By the next election the BN sure gone, but that is nothing to do with him.. come to think about it in law is not bodoh then...

So our friend may lost now but eventually he will suceed. Provided there is next election la...

Anonymous said...

1 100% agree of your ideas. I hope that PM read and understand this article. Be a good PM.

Anonymous said...

very interesting details of investigations procedure, may i know if that's standared police procedure or the writer interpretion on how police investigation works??

Anonymous said...

DSAI minta 4 bukti:

1. Siapa rogol siapa?

Saya sakit pinggang. Budak Universiti tu kuat.

2. Di mana?

3. Bila?

4. Siapa saksi?

Kalau ada 4 bukti, DSAI sedia beri DNA.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It used to be a pound of flesh
Now they want the DNA fresh
Even after a private flash
Now waiting for royal flush

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190708
Sat. 19th July 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

In the game of 'Police and Robber'
Everyone only wants to play 'Police'
Rather than to take the role like rubber
Even though it's regarded to be free from lice

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190708
Sat. 19th July 2008.

jenn v ariela said...

I really admirer Samuel Goh, very good peoms all the time...;)

Anonymous said...


Khairy's attitude toward Anwar suggests there is real vested interest. BEING YOUNG BUT HAVING THIS MUCH OF ARROGANCE AND SNOBBISHNESS I'M SURE THIS WILL GO DOWN WITHOUT DOUBT.

malayamuda said...

this idiot Bodowi just proved he is stupid.

it's like your blood group - if it was B positive 10 years ago, it will be B positive now. You dont need a new sample of blood for that

they need a fresh sample to plant it in Saiful's arse

CHee XtheMan said...

Well Said C Hector.

A lot of question indeed.

As for Bodowi asking for fresh DNA .... it is totally CRAB !!
with the reason 98 sample was too old !! What kind of excuse it this ? Same to thosePDRM, SIL, and the stupid DoBe DoBe Do Home Minister.

DNA never changed la !! morons. Human's DNA cannot mutacting ... These guys must be watching too much of X-Man. well... what can i said the formal PM that "Belove" DR Tun also got it wrong badly last time around and this time with no DR title on all these idiot ofcoz doesn't understand DNA :-)

JeyPathySarritzu said...

CAN SOMEONE PLS TELL THEM IN BROAD daylight that they don't need additional DNA from this man!!!

SO bloody DUH la these morons... CH...I think we need to set them straight on these casela. They like mongrels aint gonna let go till they get know why...cos they are the KINGS/RULERS..Its their call..they rule.

Anonymous said...

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