Friday, July 04, 2008

Badawi benefits from "Najib-Anwar battle" ??

Najib is hit bad by the recent events -
- with his meeting the alleged victim of Anwar before a police report was even made
- with the renewed allegation of his involvement in the Altantuya affair
- the mysterious less than 24 hour later retraction of the Statutory Declaration by the Private Investigator Balasubramaniam (really looks bad on the police and 'Najib')

Anwar is hit badly by
- the new allegations of sodomy by a former 'aide'
- the subsequent demolition of the character of the complainant also does not augur well for Anwar
- his sudden, and certainly badly timed allegation about the AG and IGP's involvement in fabricating evidence against him (his allegation surfaces after that new sodomy allegations against him).
- the Statutory Declaration by the Private Investigator Balasubramaniam , which also made a statement about Najib preference for anal sex....(Anwar's presence and link to that SD was not at all good for Anwar - and the timing serriously stinks)
- the retraction of the SD alleging 'duress' is again bad - was it Anwar that 'forced' Bala to say what he did? The lack of details by Bala can only keep people guessing -- and naturally the 1st source of this duress that the common man would think of is from Anwar or his agents...
- the press, including Star and some others also played up the fact again that the Federal Court judges that let Anwar off the hook did make a statement that they believed that what was alleged with regard the sodomy did happen - but the evidence not sufficient to convict.... (This was very mean of the press like Star. Oh yes, Mahathir, in his blog also makes mention of this..)

Pakatan Rakyat would also be hit by all this too... (and the allegation of the Selangor MB using his office to get funds for the party do not also help - more so since Pakatan Rakyat has yet to come out and say that they will be investigating the matter...)
- the recent walk-out of the MPs of PR because Najib Razak made an additional speech, which should not have been allowed because of Parliamentary rules, etc... was really not good. If they had walked out in protest about some more substantive issue, it would have been better..
- Who are the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat? What is the decision making process? To date, it seems that reaction to the alleged 'political assasination' of the PKR (and PR) de facto leader seems very much a response made by PKR - and not the Pakatan Rakyat as a coalition..

All things considered - the person that has benefited is PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi...

Attention from increased fuel prices, etc.... seem to have shifted to Anwar's sodomy and Najib's Altantuya issue (Hope that the 6th July fuel hike protest is not hijacked and made into "support Anwar" campaign)

The pressure for PM to step down - and all that internal challenge to remove nomination quotas, etc... seem to have been forgotten. The call for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib to step down and not contest just like what the MCA leaders did is also not being made...

So is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi the real master-mind and the 'puppet master' of all that had happened these few days...?, I wonder...

If there was, no sodomy by Anwar - someone got the Saiful person to make that allegation, go to see Najib before even making the report, making the report to the police, making sure that photos of the complainant and Najib's mad reaches Anwar's people, and also the other photos with some 3 different Ministers, ....

With regard to PI Balasubramaniam - someone made him go see Anwar, and then make that SD (on oath) and make the disclosure in public, and then get him to come out immediately thereafter and retract it all claiming he was forced to do it...

Maybe, I may be reading it all wrong --- but looking at it in toto (at least with regard to the facts that we have to this day), I see that the one who would benefit most is our Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.. (Maybe, he did not do it or was not even involved ...maybe someone else (a friend of the PM is doing it...)

Will these all change the focus from price hikes - into an 'Anwar clearing his name' and 'Implicate Najib and that Mongolian woman' --- The Anwar-Najib wars will certainly be good for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. UMNO reform and struggle to change leadersip, the BN problems.... all will take a back seat -- as we all continue to be distracted by the battle between two aspirants to the Premiership of Malaysia.

Good old Mahathir, on the other hand, is still focussed on the government 'flip-flops' about that twice a month salary payments talk, and about the oil price, petronas, and the money that Malaysia has (go read his piece "Malaysia and a World in Turmoil at che, a bit of which I have pasted below..)

"...The rise in the price of petrol and products has begun to affect our lives, our living standards and our complacency.

8. We produce about 650,000 barrels a day, consume 400,000 and export roughly 250,000 barrels. We used to earn 30 US Dollar per barrel; today we earn 140 US Dollar, almost all profit. Work out the revenue from 250,000 barrels per day for one year.

9. Besides, we produce 900,000 barrels equivalent of gas, mostly exported. There is no need to take notice of the petrol we produce in Sudan and elsewhere, all selling at 100 US Dollar plus.

10. But we also earn more, much more from palm oil. It used to cost us RM600 per ton to produce. It must be slightly more now. But one ton of palm oil used to sell for RM800 before. Now it sells for more than RM3,000. The palm oil plantation companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

11. But the prices of rubber and even tin have also increased tremendously.

12. For the Government it must mean a great increase in revenue. The profits from petroleum accrue 100% to the Government. I believe in 2006 when oil price was about 70 US Dollar Petronas made a profit before tax of 60 billion Ringgit..."

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