Wednesday, August 06, 2008

10am KL Magistrate Court - Anwar to be charged with Sodomy? (Updated)

Updated: 15:59, 6/8/2008

It was good of the BN government(i.e. the police and the prosecution) not to come and arrest Anwar Ibrahim and take him to court - but rather do the more reasonable of just serving him a notice to secure his attendance in court - the KL Sessions Court at 10.00am tommorrow (Thursday, 7/8/2008)

The police visited the home of PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur at 12.10pm today and it is learnt that they have served him with a notice to appear in court tomorrow.

The police team was led by DSP Jude Pereira - who refused to speak to the waiting horde of reporters as he left Anwar's house.

The notice requires Anwar to be present at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court at 10am tomorrow. - Malaysiakini, 6/8/2008 - 'Anwar: I'll be charged tomorrow

But, then normally one is charged in the Magistrate Court, and that is what the NST report below tells us:-

Police today served a subpoena on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be present at the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate’s Court, Jalan Duta tomorrow. - New Straits Times online, 6/8/2007 -Subpoena served, Anwar to be charged tomorrow

The question as to what will happen when Anwar goes to court is still not answered - but the NST report clearly states that the official statement of the Deputy IGP is clear about the fact that Anwar will be charged.

Meanwhile the New Straits Times received an official statement from the Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar that the police has completed its investigation on the alleged sodomy report involving Anwar and has forwarded the investigation papers to the Attorney-General's office for advice and decision.

The AG's office has decided to charge Anwar in court, the statement said. -- New Straits Times online, 6/8/2007 -Subpoena served, Anwar to be charged tomorrow

And, I wonder why the police is coming out with such official media statements...should they not confine themselves to investigating -- and leave the decision to charge to the AG, and also the act of informing the public to the AG. What is this? Have the Deputy IGP now become the spokesperson of the AG's chambers?

Now, let us hope that Anwar Ibrahim does not pull any 'poilitical stunt' and take the position that he does not want to go to court for this reason or that reason.... just like the last time the police had called him in for an investigation, and at the end of the day resulted in him unnecessarily being arrested and forced to spend a night in the police lock-up.

At the same time, we also hope that there will not be any 'stunt' by the police - like sending a team to suddenly arrest and drag him to court. Remember, despite the public statement of the police that they will not arrest provided he arrived there by 2.00pm, they arrested him before 1.00pm.

At last, we will know what is the contents of the charges against Anwar - the exact wordings, the exact time, the exact place..., the exact building...

Now, we also hope that BAIL will not unreasonably be objected to by the prosecution - and that Anwar will be free tommorrow afternoon - focussing again in his campaign to become the new MP for Permatang Pauh..

In this case, there were a lot of ODD happenings, that raises a lot of questions:-

a) Why did the alleged victim go visit Najib Razak before even going to the police to make a complain? Very...very odd.

b) Why did the alleged victim go to that PUSRAWI Hospital on his own after the alleged incident and thereafter allegedly to HKL -- before even the lodging of a police report? Normally a victim of rape or sexual assault or assault or any crime will go FIRST and make a police report, and then the police, as part of their investigation, will take the victim over to the Hospital for the required medical tests and examinations.

c) How come there was a sudden disclosure of the PUSRAWI Hospital report - who did it and why?

Is this all a SANDIWARA -- and if so, who is behind it? Or is it just Saiful - and Najib or Pak Lah and/or Syed Hamid and/or BN and/or IGP and/or AG is not involved at all.

Someone even suggested that it may be Anwar Ibrahim who is behind this sandiwara...Why? Well, he said maybe it was to re-generate the emotions of the people of Malaysia, which was decreasing after the results of GE2008 was announced, so that the people angered by this new 'sodomy allegations' will ensure that his quest to be MP of Permatang Pauh and for Pakatan Rakyat to ultimately form government by September 16 be realized. Far out ...but something worth considering as well..

For after all, this is Malaysia...and all things are possible. And there are so many political spins and games being played, and the normal Malaysians sometimes will be confused as to what is real and what is not...

Apparently, there will be a press conference by Anwar at about 3.00 - maybe local TV will cover it, or maybe Al-Jazeerah...


MYblog said...

Good Analysis, many unanswered questions. But Anwar puling a stunt, possible but not plausible. Too many things don't add up. But then again lets see

Anonymous said...

The hands of the clock shall strike 12 tomorrow.

How will he people respond?

And how they respond will decide whther the government should be afraid of the people, or the people should be afraid of the government.

Will the government action cause an earthquake or just a tremor?

A red letter day. An epochal day. A decisive day. A day that the people must grasp and take it in their hands.


Anonymous said...

Poor DSAI! One wonder why not you get the retirment like others? This looks bigger then Sodomy I. They will put in in jail for your remaining life! that is what I felt. OK!, now, they charge you, I believe they will jail you too, evident and 'bicara' is only the means, the end is written. Either you go to jail or them, I don't think they take chances, no way!. OK, you go to jail, others ISA, what next? what can I do? as an ordinary rakyat?? wait for next election, what if there are no more fair GE?
Either the-last-emperor or SEA-Zimbabwe in the making now, looks more to the second.