Friday, August 15, 2008

Maybe, best if Anwar not be PM -- PR have other choices

Who will be the Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat manages to wrest power from the Barisan Nasional?

I believe that we are really putting the cart before the horse - for as it stands at present, BN still has the majority - and it is not that 'slim' a majority.

It is too early to be talking about who will be PM, DPM and who will be holding which Ministerial post......when Pakatan Rakyat take over?

At the moment, what is needed is for the Pakatan Rakyat to really work out what would be the real changes that it will bring about when, and if it were to get into power?

What would be its Agricultural policy, its Education policy....etc...? What are the changes that it plans to make? Would there still be the 'quotas'? In fact, all Malaysians are very curious as to what are the changes that will be happening... OR will it just be a change of faces in power, and nothing really changes..

All we know now is that there will be :-
** A drop of 50 cents in the price of petrol.
** An abolition of toll ----- not really? as nothing really has been said about that
** What else?? (Pakatan Really must look into this - and come out with more details...)

Who becomes PM is secondary...?

Maybe, the best thing to do is to set up a Government Advisory Coucil - who will be made up of the 3 leaders of the 3 main parties - Hadi, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim

...and someone else, acceptable to the 3, and the majority in Parliament be chosen and proposed as Prime Minister for the appointment by the Yang Di Pertuan Agung.

It is not healthy for anyone to say that he wants to be PM - or for others to say at this point and time that this person should be the Prime Minister, or that this person should never be the PM.

Malaysiakini, apparently have a position already, when it refers to Anwar Ibrahim, in its report, as "a self proclaimed prime minister-in-waiting - for the nation's top job".

Anwar Ibrahim, at this point and time, should just be the General of Pakatan Rakyat leading the war against General Badawi and the Barisan Nasional - in the war to govern Malaysia.

And when, and if the war is won, then we shall talk about the PM, etc - and as I mentioned earlier, it may be best that it be someone else who is PM - I would say that Syed Husin Ali is a good candidate for PM(but alas, he is not an MP - not yet anyway.) Maybe, Syed Husin should run as candidate at the next by-elections - that Kulim one...
Despite being repeatedly quizzed by reporters, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang refused to state if PAS would endorse Anwar - a self proclaimed prime minister-in-waiting - for the nation's top job. "Wait for him to win first and see if there are changes in Parliament. After that we will discuss . We will see who is acceptable to the plural society," said Hadi, in reference to the Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election which Anwar will be contesting. - Malaysiakini, 15/8/2008 -Hadi non-commital on Anwar's PM bid
The biggest problem with Anwar - is that a lot of people believe that all he wants is to be the next PM - and that is his motivation and his whole agenda...and this is a problem - for Malaysians are not interested in helping people get positions - we want changes - more freedom, more human rights, more transparency, more accountability, more democracy...

By the way, who is the Opposition Leader in Parliament now...after Wan Azizah resigned...mmm - surely not Anwar's man, Azmin..

Anyway, let us all now focus on the upcoming Permatang Pauh by-elections - and maybe the Olympics too....

RM1 million for a gold medal...RM300,000-00 for a silver medal...RM100,000 for a bronze, so says Najib. Government money, I am sure, which surely could have used to subsidize petrol or provide housing to the poor... The Badmintion guy is already going to get RM300,000-00, and if he wins RM1 million...what do you say about this?...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Hi!Why not you Charles Hector be the PM. It sounds Western!

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Unknown said...

What do I have to say about this?

Well, I'll say that your article are full of crap.Why drag sport into politic?

With the cronism taking a huge chunk of the nation's money instead of helping the poor,RM1m is nothing in all that waste.

Get your priority right. I would say it is a bit outlandish if it were the 100th gold that Msia have won in the Olympic or we got more than 10 athletes that can win the gold back for Msia.

I can''t wait to congratulate the next millionaire Datuk Lee on his 1st Msian gold medal.

"Who becomes PM is secondary...?"
Are you trying to imitate UMNO to fool the village folks? Are you blind to the facts that only Anwar have the ability to make Pakatan work with each other?

Do you think DAP and PAS have been best friend all this year? Who else that can make it happen after what happen to PA?

Name me another person who you think would be more qualified to be the next PM in waiting.

It is only be logical for Msiakini from proclaiming that Anwar is the next PM as they in the news business....not in betting. What would happen if BN manage to deny Anwar through dirty tactic to become PM and how does that benefit Msiakini?

I wonder where have you been since 8th of March? Or have you been to any of Anwar's speech. You can learn about what is the direction of the country is going to instead of saying that all he wants is only to be the next PM.

Unknown said...
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Starmandala said...

You're entitled to your opinions, of course. In a healthy, mature democracy we don't really want to know the PM's name, do we? When you check into a hotel, you only ask to know the manager's name when something goes terribly wrong. That's the way government ought to be - but we are not quite there yet! Too many continue to look up to a Savior (how many "Christians" are there on Earth?), a Prophet (how many Muslims?), a Mummy-Daddy God (how many Believers?)... so they do the same to political leaders, hoping somebody will "save" them. Well, we have to be practical. If there's anyone in Malaysia who fits the bill at this specific juncture, it has to be Anwar Ibrahim. Why? He fulfils all the criteria for a national hero: he was wrongly accused, arrested, convicted in a sham trial, humiliated, beaten black-&-blue, and politically crucified; he resurrected himself and is now ascending to the PM's job that was denied him 10 years ago. Who has a similar story? Yes, I love and admire Guan Eng, Karpal, Kit Siang - in fact, it gladdens my heart to see so many noble souls in politics today - people like Syed Husin Ali, Sivarasa Rasiah, Azmin Ali, Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh, Tony Pua, Nat Tan, Eli Wong, Nizar Mohamed, Musa Husam, and so on. But thus far nobody else has the long experience, charisma, agility, and intelligence to match Anwar. That's what makes him Malaysia's PM elect.

Anonymous said...

yeah... i totally disagree with u crapping abt lee chong wei... he is the true hero of malaysia... he fought so hard to get into a final and is this what u are going to say abt him.. as a malaysian, u are never proud of his achievement?? then dont call urself a malaysian... after 50 years of merdeka, can u name any athlete who brought back an olympic gold medal for malaysia.. the answer is NONE!!! so if u looked down on sports, why not u represent malaysia in the nxt olympic in london and earn a gold medal back for us....

n plz, do not remove this post....

Anonymous said...

I think we must give him the benefit of doubt. It's true he is ambitious and I don't see anything wrong with it.
Sometimes, trust is all we can have. A man who has gone through tremendous amount of humiliation and torture when comes around to promise, all we have is suspiciousness. can we not do that?

After 27 years of jail, Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope Chong Wei wins gold and get Rm1 million. I don't mind that it comes from our national coffers, it's a transparent transaction, offered in good faith to a national warrior. This kind of hard work and effort will put our country's name in the world forever.

Much more has been siphoned to UMNO cronies, we were told. And also millions spent on our space tourist. This Rm1 mio is nothing compared to all those wasted. Whoever wins a medal deserves it, including the coaches.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles Hector....yach you gonna be the PM. Your blog is nice and Get PR 3 and alexa rank 900,000...great and keep improve it for PR & alexa. Once its improved, you will be famous and be PM...hahahhaha


Anonymous said...

as a hardcore PAS supporter, of course i want someone from PAS to be the next PM. however, realistically, i think anwar is the best candidate. as for our shuttler, i would say... go brother chong wei, my full hearted support for you. and you deserve the 1 million ringgit!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on Charles. Anwar has high power friends all over the world. It augurs well for Malaysia's economy if Anwar is the PM. Foreign investments will pour in instead of taking flights. Development moves forward. Malaysia will have more useful friends instead of Robert Mugabe's type.Can you name me anybody so well known in the world besides Anwar? Bet you dont. Zilch.

Anonymous said...

I want lim guan eng or lim kit siang as prime minister, PAS CAN OR NO, WHY NOT?, ANYWAY THIS IS BY GOING BY TRACK RECORD, WHEN hadi was the opposition leader from 2002-2004, what was his most important speech, or what law did he propose, hai yah, asyik2 religion only, or stupid remarks like preety women should not work as they can find rich husband, while lets hire the ugly women, do you all remember that, and PAS wants to nominate this moron for pm, hoi PAS WHY NOT RECOMEND BUNG THE DUNG, same mah, small brains. bloody morons.

mode de la shadow said...

seriously i dont care who becomes the leader now. anybody but BN or any religious extremists!

Anonymous said...

I agreed with sunny, please leave sports with politics, I believe the incentive of 1 million is not the main motivation for Lee to bring back the first gold medal but the achievement & sporting spirit. Even if he didn't have the 1 million incentive, he also will become millionaire because all the sponsorship & advertisement he will get after he become the first sportsperson that win Olympics gold medal for Malaysia.
I sincerely hope that he really can win back our FIRST gold medal on this sunday, if he can't make it, we also have to congratulate him & appreciate his effort to bring back the silver & the first medal in Beijing Olympics 2008.