Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DAP is against ISA - Gunasekaren denies saying otherwise..

DAP has clarified matters in Lim Kit Siang's blog, and what is relevant is as follows:-

Detain Bar Council forum protestors under ISA - Gunasekaren denies

Today’s “PKR leaders want Zul to explain” carried the following report with regard to the continuing fallout from the storming and disruption of the Bar Council forum on “Conversion to Islam” by demonstrators in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday:

In SEREMBAN, state DAP deputy chief and Senawang assemblyman P. Gunasekaren said he wants the police to charge the demonstrators.

He said the police should have arrested them rather than allow them to enter the Bar Council office, which was private property.

“It is sad that the police allowed them to dictate terms. The demonstrators should be arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act for stoking racial sentiments,” he said.

I have checked with Gunasekaren and he has denied that he had made the remark about the ISA detention attributed to him.

DAP stand for the repeal of the nefarious detention-without-trial Internal Security Act is clear. All ISA detainees should be released immediately or be charged in court to avail them of an opportunity to defend themselves in an open trial.

We disagree with the demonstrators though we respect their right to protest against the Bar Council forum, which must be done peacefully and civilly.

However, what is unacceptable is the mob rule where demonstrators threatened to storm and a few stormed the Bar Council auditorium and disrupted the forum under the protection of the police!


Anonymous said...

If I didn't know any better, i'd say this is Hindraf 2.0..

Anonymous said...

It is clear UMNO is the culprit, trying to put words into the mouth of Gunasekaran so as to incite the Malays to hate DAP even more!!! UMNO is also responsible for organizing the demo against Bar Council Forum as well as the UiTM students protesting against MB Khalid for his suggestion to open UiTM to 10% non-bumi students. UMNO is the mother of all evils and the biggest trouble maker in this country and it is time the people boot UMNO out of the fed govt. as a first step, they should vote in Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh and let him induce BN MPs to cross over so as to take over the federal govt by 16 Sept. That will be the best present for Malaysia's 45 independence ceremony!