Friday, August 29, 2008

KL Pakatan MPs wake up - ensure places of worships are there in KL 2020.

Earlier, I pointed that it was the failure of the BN government, the PM and his Cabinet - especially the Federal Territories Minister and his Deputy for failing to ensure that there is proper and adequate allocations for temples, churches, kuils, etc in the Kuala Lumpur Draft City Plan 2020.

Hindu Sangam, fortunately, pointed out their concern as to 'why plots of land for Hindu temples and crematoriums were missing in Kuala Lumpur Draft City Plan 2020'.

In response, out came the Federal Territories Deputy Minister 'blaming' the Hindu sangam for the delay in raising this point

That Deputy Minister Saravanan did wrong because the failings was that of the BN. Hindu Sangam is not govbernment - just an NGO with limited resources. Thankfully, they saw that big FUMBLE of the authorities - the government, and highlighted it.

The other group of persons who seem to have FAILED are those MPs of KL - I believe all of them, save one, are from the Opposition parties.

As 'wakil rakyat', it also means that you must monitor the situation... and ensure that temples, churches, etc are not erased from the territories of Kuala Lumpur come 2020 because no one disapproved Kuala Lumpur Draft City Plan 2020 in time.

MPs of KL from Pakatan Rakyat and that one from BN - do go and check the Kuala Lumpur Draft City Plan 2020. Ensure not just that all existing temples, churches, mosques, suraus, chapels, kuils, vats are still there in 2020 BUT also that there are NEW temples, churches, mosques, suraus, chapels, kuils,...

This trend of many persons having to rent commercial propewrty and use it for churches, temples, etc...should end.

There should be proper allocation of land and space for places of worship, cemetries, etc..

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